5 Tips to help you get motivated fast

5 Tips to help you get motivated fast


1. Think and Visualize about the things you can do or the the way you will feel when you  have accomplished the task you want. Let the things you can do from succeeding be your motivation not just the fact of success.

2. Set up challenges with friends and peers. The more challenges you get involved with the more your mind gets used to generating motivation. Eventually it becomes easier to get motivated because you know how to generate it faster. This is a great method to have people keep you accountable too.

3. Fight resistance. Whenever you start feeling negative thoughts that are provoking you from taking action use this energy as your indicator that what you want has value. Beat resistance by understanding that whats mentally preventing you from taking action is actually validating that you should take action.

4. Seek motivation. Motivation is all around us. Everything built around us was the result of some form of motivation. Look for videos that can motivate you. Search quotes online. You shall find what you seek.

5. It all starts with yours thoughts. You are what you repeatedly think. Have positive thoughts and you will always be in motivation mode. So ensure to tame your thoughts as it will dictate every action you do.


adambioAdam Ali (@ADAMwontLOSE) is the founder of iWontLose.com. He is a fitness professional and a community worker based out of Toronto. However, provides world-wide fitness and motivational related services online. adam@iwontlose.com

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Adam Ali

Founder & Brand Lead at iWontLose
Adam Ali, Brand Leader of iWontLose.com| The voice of dream-chasers.




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    hi Adam, im 14 years old (i weigh 112lb height is about 5ft3) and i have decided that i would like to get a toned stomach and thighs for summer, which is coming up faster than i thought and need help and guidence from you, as the determination that you show in your videos is really inspiring. it would be a big help if you could email me things i need to do (including dieting if necessary) and workout plans to do. thank you :)

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