[NEW VIDEO] The Gym is on FIRE

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The Gym is on FIRE

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Presentation: Adam Ali Motivates The PYB Group

[VIDEO] Speaking at the PYB YOUTH Basketball SUMMER CAMP

I had no idea that there would be a recording but like they say:  “IF YOU STAY READY YOU WON’T HAVE TO GET READY”.

Special Thank You to Jayson Prince for inviting me in to speak to his #LASERFOCUSED Youths.

laserfocused youths Presentation: Adam Ali Motivates The PYB Group, Adam Ali


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5 Weight Loss Tips You Might Not Be Trying

5 Weight Loss Tips You Might Not Be Trying

weightloss iwontlose 5 Weight Loss Tips You Might Not Be Trying, Adam Ali

Think you’re doing everything possible to reach your weight loss goals? The following tips are often forgotten, but can be integral to your weight-loss success.

Believe in Yourself

A lack of confidence can be debilitating feeling when it comes to weight loss. You need more than just going through the motions. Believing that achieving your goals is possible is the first step towards sustainable weight loss. It gives confidence and self-esteem and lets you push yourself to your best during workouts. It lets you be in control of food, and it lets you believe in yourself.

Write it Down

Writing things down is a powerful, yet underutilized concept of weight loss. Many people already track their calories, but that’s only a small part of what can be done.

Journaling your workouts and writing down your goals creates a mental imprint that not only helps you remember, it helps you commit. It’s one thing to tell yourself you’re going to do a workout each morning, but to have physical, tangible evidence of your commitment gives extra encouragement.

Learn to Say No

‘No’ is one of the hardest words to use. However, being comfortable with using it can be important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There’s going to be a lot of temptations on your weight loss journey. Skipping workouts to meet with friends or family or get to work early, eating more because of a special occasion or event, and other types of rationalizations can get in the way of successful weight loss.

This doesn’t mean you have to become a social hermit with saint-like self control. It just means learning when your actions don’t align with your goals and having the ability to say no to things that take you off the path to weight loss.

Be Part of a Community

Don’t go at weight loss alone. Having a partner or group gives you support, reassurance, and motivation to succeed. It lets you learn from each other and pick each other up to stay pointed in the right direction.

Even if there isn’t anyone close to you that can be a partner, there are still plenty of options. There are weight loss forums and blogs, support groups, exercise classes, and even one-on-one coaching that can help.

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Change Your Habits

It’s easy to get caught up in weight loss fads. Eating this, avoiding that, or special workouts and routines. Such practices can help, but they don’t address underlying matters. If you want to change, you need to create new habits. Look at your behaviors and find the ones that can be best adjusted to a healthier variety. Tackle each behavior one at a time until the new habit becomes second nature.


Losing weight takes time, effort, and commitment. Try out these tips to help stay the course and stay positive!




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iWontLose Comic #1: I need protein

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iWontLose Awards #2 – Dejan Kravic

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-iWontLose Awards-
iWontLose Awards recognizes individuals who are pursuing their life goals/dreams. This week we proudly feature Dejan Kravic. Dejan is a 7 Foot Basketball player who has played for Texas Tech University (Division 1) and is currently representing his country – Serbia in the Men National basketball team. He has an undergrad degree in sports management and masters in exercise sports science. Please help me recognize Dejan by showing him some well deserved props!

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Canadian NBA Player, Andrew Nicholson to Host Camp July 14-18

andrew camp Canadian NBA Player, Andrew Nicholson to Host Camp July 14 18, Adam Ali

If you are in Toronto or the GTA Area you should consider enrolling your youths/children in this basketball camp. Well worth it! Led by NBA Player Andrew Nicholson

==> LINK: http://northpolehoops.com/2014/06/21/canadian-nba-player-andrew-nicholson-host-camp-july-14-18/

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The A to Z of Heath & Fitness Tips

header article The A to Z of Heath & Fitness Tips, Adam Ali

The A to Z of Heath & Fitness Tips

Brought to you by Pharmafreak and iWontLose.com


Pharmafreak and iWontLose.com came up with this neat idea to share the alphabet words in relation to health and fitness.


A – If you want to be in top notch shape you need to stay active like an athlete. Athletes are in amazing shape because they are continuously being active.


B – Branch chained amino acids (BCAA) are vital protein components that help in muscle repair and performance.


C Calisthenics is a great training approach. Mastering your body weight develops an amazing physical foundation for one’s self.


D – Ensure to chew slowly to maximize digestion. Also look into consuming foods like papaya and pineapple that have amazing digestion support properties.


EExercise every day! It’s a lifestyle and it should be performed every day. Walks, aerobic classes, strength training, sports, etc. are all forms of exercises.


F – Don’t compromise your form to lift heavier. Using strict form and a good tempo will lead to optimal results


G – Control your glycogen (sugar) consumption to avoid fat storage and insulin spikes. Your glycogen consumption plays a vital role in determining how fit you will become.


H – Stick with a eating and training routine that’s doable and will allow you to form a habit. Once you’ve developed a habit you will no longer need motivation


I Insulin is what regulates blood sugar levels. It’s an important hormone and it can be controlled by your eating decisions.


J – Ensure to get a good warm up in order to get blood flowing to your joints which ultimately reduces chances of any injuries. Take care of your joints (wrist, shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle, hip, etc.) and you will have a better chance of living stress-free.


K – Your kidney cleanses your blood by removing waste and excess fluids, maintains the balance of salt and minerals in your blood, and helps regulate blood pressure. Take care of your kidney by eating clean and healthy foods.


L Lower back pain is the leading cause of inactivity. Always strengthen your lower-back using resistance training, endurance activities, and stretching.


M - The health of your mindset (metal health) is as important as your body. Control stress, think positive thoughts, and don’t go into despair.


N - NATURAL ingredients, and minimizing chemicals, are key to proper supplementation.


O - OXYGEN to working muscles increases endurance and strength. Don’t forget to breathe deeply during exercise.


P - PAUSE in-between sets and exercises in the gym. This will allow the body to recover much quicker.


QQUICK exercise repetitions will boost metabolic rate and make it much easier to burn excess body fat.


R - REST from exercise is essential for recovery and well-being. Try to take 1-2 days off from the gym each week to allow for proper recovery.


SSPORTS are a great alternative to traditional endurance training. Having sports goals will distract the mind and you may not even realize just how much endurance training you’ve had by the end of the game!


T - Herbal TEAs are a great way to increase water intake and supply the body with beneficial factors to help with detoxification.


U - Time-UNDER-Tension is important because it keeps the muscles activated during all aspects of a given exercise. Try a 3 second contraction and then a 3 second release during all exercises and feel the burn!


VVICTORY is about achieving your specific individual physical goals, and not comparing to the progress of others.


WWATER intake is important as it is the basis of all life systems in the body. Water also keeps the body hydrated and supports detoxification of harmful free radicals.


XX out excess starchy carbohydrates and nutrient deficient meals and watch your body increase in muscle tone and decrease in bodyfat percentage.


YYEARLY health physicals should be performed to ensure that the body is working at its optimal state. These health checks will eliminate any current and/or future health issues, and keeps the body working in, “tip-top”, condition.


ZZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6), are proven to help with hormonal balance and testosterone boosts. These vitamins and minerals will boost recovery and improve results.


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Dynamic Stretches

 Featured Pharmafreak Post

Here are 6 Dynamic stretches you should do before working out. Dynamic stretches are the preferred stretch in comparison to static stretches.

This video has been brought to you by: Pharmafreak

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Guide to staying Active during Pregnancy

Guide to staying Active during Pregnancy

exercise pregnancy Guide to staying Active during Pregnancy, Adam Ali

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5 Reasons Why You’re not Building Muscle

5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Building Muscle

reasons why you arent building muscles 5 Reasons Why Youre not Building Muscle, Adam Ali


Why Aren’t I Building Muscles?

People workout for many different reasons such as getting chizzled abs, firmer glutes, and more defined quads or biceps are all common motivators for going to the gym. That’s why it can be discouraging for people when they seem to do everything right but just aren’t gaining muscle as fast—or as much—as they’d like. Here are a few things that could be getting in the way:


1.Not Enough Weight:

Stretches and lifts may make you feel the burn, but these won’t add muscles without weight to back them up. If you want size, shape, and definition, you need to add weights—it’s that simple!


2. Missing Mind-Muscle Control:

When working out, it’s important to focus on each movement you make. Letting the routine take over and simply going through movement patterns means you aren’t giving full focus or exertion to the exercise. Just by paying attention you can give yourself a more concentrated workout and a better result.


3. Poor Form:

Each movement or exercise has a corresponding form that can maximize the result. Take a leg press for example. Placing your weight higher on the foot pad emphasizes glute and hamstring focus. Adjustments to stances, realignment of posture, or slight shifts in balance can change how your muscles react and build.


4. Insufficient Calories:

Working out is what motivates your muscles, but growing takes fuel as well. Eating enough just to sustain yourself is fine, but sustaining is all you’ll end up doing. Evaluate your diet and see if you’re in a calorie surplus. If you aren’t, try increasing your intake by 200 calories per week until you start seeing the desired growth. Sticking to healthy food choices will ensure gains in lean muscle as opposed to body fat.


5. Not Enough Sleep:

A good, 7-9 hour sleep helps recharge the body build muscle for two main reasons. The first is that muscles don’t grow when they’re used—they grow after use during periods of rest. Insufficient rest interferes with the anabolic process and will slow muscle growth. The second reason is that the body’s internal clock causes more growth hormones to be released during the night. Getting proper sleep lets your body fully capitalize on turning the day’s work into nighttime muscle growth.


With these tidbits in mind, take a look at your workout, diet, and schedule to see what changes can be made to help see the growth you desire. Small changes can see big returns over time, so just keep working out; stay focused, but don’t stay strong—get stronger!

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