The new year is a good time for people to do away with the old, and welcome the new. For a lot of people, the new year is an excellent time to start a new diet and even change their habits.

If you are considering saying goodbye to junk foods, and unhealthy meals, now are the time to act. You need to start eating clean and take your nutrition very seriously.

The question on your mind right now is what’s eating clean? While lots of people have their different definitions of what eating clean or clean eating is, we have a simple definition. It simply means eating whole foods while abstaining from food with chemicals, preservatives, colors, and binders.

To help you in your dietary hurdles, and assist you in your shredded goals, we’ve been able to identify 5 common mistakes you are making with your diet.

You are letting social media guide you

One of the common mistakes people make when it comes to their diet is letting social media dictate what they do. Social media, most especially Instagram dictates clean eating means only eating vegan or organic or gluten-free meals. But here is the catch. Just because something is organic doesn’t mean it is healthy. Some of these gluten-free or labeled organic products are usually processed foods.

See eating clean as a diet

A couple of years ago, clean eating received some opposition from people who felt it was promoting harsh eating conditions and labeling some meals as unclean. However, eating clean is just a simplified way to explain eating whole foods. The diet plan is not restrictive in any way, instead, it gives your body exactly what it needs to function. It is often considered the ideal nutrition pack.  The whole ingredients you should concentrate on including eggs, vegetables, lean proteins, quinoa, seeds, nuts, and brown rice.

You are eating protein and energy bars

Protein bars, energy bars, as well as granola, are often advertised as health food. But you have to exercise a lot of caution when dealing with these types of food. Some protein or energy bars contain more refined sugar than a candy bar. Pay attention to the ingredients used to make these types of foods and only buy products that you recognize their ingredients.

Counting Calories

First things first, calories are important. However, rather than focusing on the quantity of your calorie intake, you should focus on the quality of the calories you eat. Mind you; counting calories may not work all the time. There are several healthy foods that have a high-calorie count. It is essential what you add to your diet is rich in fiber, and protein. Don’t worry about the number of calories, pay attention to the quality.

Limiting certain whole food groups

Going extreme is never a good thing most, especially when it comes to your diet and nutrition. Most people often pay attention to the acceptability of a meal rather than focusing on the big picture. Don’t make the mistake of approaching nutrition from a defensive position.

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