5 Tips to Recharge Your Mind! 1

5 Tips to Recharge Your Mind!

 5 Tips to Recharge Your Mind!

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At times when events become hectic and frantic, using these 5 tips can help you stay collected, recharged, and focused.


  1. Stay Laser focused: We overestimate how good we really think we are at multitasking. It’s better to focus on one task at a time to improve our ability to focus and think. It can also help reduce stress since your brain isn’t being tugged in multiple directions. By minimizing distractions, clutter, and interruptions, you can avoid an overload and be more productive. To learn more about the psychology around being focused consider getting my eBook called HOW TO BECOME LASER FOCUSED


  1. Use Your Legs: A walk outside removes indoor distractions and offers a sense of calm that just can’t be found in front of a computer. Whether it’s a walk down the block or through a park, some outdoor legwork can help clear the mind.


  1. Break It Down: Big goals can be broken down into a series of smaller steps. If your objective would take weeks, try writing out the day-by-day actions you need to take. This helps put challenges into perspective—often we imagine things as requiring more than they actually do—and it will make you feel better to claim smaller victories on the way than to hold out for the end goal.


  1. Stay Forward-Focused: It won’t all be smooth sailing. You will slip up, or fail to meet a goal at some point. You will have days where it seems easy to justify skipping your workout or getting a quick bite of fast food. It’s at these points where you need to accept that things aren’t going perfectly, but also focus on getting back on track. Stumble, fall, and get back on your feet.


  1. Keep and Achievement List: When you reach a milestone of any kind, whether professionally or personally, make a note of it. This list of your achievements can serve as a motivator and an inspiration. When you’re feeling disheartened or daunted, just looking back over what you’ve accomplished can restore that feeling of empowerment and capability.


Adam Ali, Brand Leader of iWontLose.com | The voice of dream-chasers.

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