Adam Ali aka


“The Motivational Athlete”


ADAM ALI, Founder and Brand Leader of iWontLose “THE VOICE of the dream-chasers and the underdogs across the world” Adam Ali, termed as the “Motivational Athlete”, is a fitness professional and community worker. Adam is in an online fitness personality that motivates his viewers to be resilient and determined to achieve their life goals. Being an avid social media user, Adam has broken the constraints of traditional social media networking with his ability to engage and connect with a wide range of loyal followers. Adam conveys majority of his message through his motivational videos. The sole intent of his message is to inspire and motivate the masses. His content displays meaningful lessons and action driven videos that will fuel viewers to live with purpose. In 2011, to tap into a larger audience Adam initiated an online fitness campaign, with over 3 million total views, Adam is motivating his viewers to be relentless in pursuit of their life goals. The exposure these videos provided led to endorsement offers from PharmaFreak, a nutritional supplement company, as well as partnering up with a health initiative called FEELRICH started by Quincy Jones III (QD3). Adam has received media and press attention from regional and national outlets securing interviews and articles from major outlets such as NBA TV, CBC Television, CP24, and many more media platforms. Adam has created this website to help you pursuit your goals and aspirations by giving you the mental tools to equip you to charge forward. How can we help you today?  Contact information listed below- AA21-1024x904 Adam may be reached at adam@ Twitter  Facebook  Youtube  Pinterest  Electronic Press Kit (EPK) Official Personal Page

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