The “stay at home phase” has got everyone indoors and looking for ways to keep fit in their homes. Lots of people are regretting not getting those array of gym equipment. In addition, people are finding themselves more reluctant to engage in various workouts.

If you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned above, you don’t need to beat yourself with a stick. Frankly, there is no tangible excuse as to why you are not working out now.

Interestingly, this can be an excellent time for you to make progress with your fitness goals and targets. This time will allow you to get ripped, build your muscles, or lose weight. You have to make the most of the available time, and you will need to be determined and persistent.

As you carry out your workout, be mindful of the common mistakes you might unknowingly make. Today, we would be looking at some of the at-home workout mistakes you are making during this quarantine period.


Repeating the same routine

This is a prevalent mistake most people make. You stick to a particular workout routine and continuously do it over and over again. The truth is the 3-mile run or 150 squats you do every day will eventually get boring because of the lack of variation. It is advisable that you shake things up a bit, and change your routine.


Failing to add new features to your exercises

In this period, your surroundings can be conducive to spicing things up and giving you a new challenge every now and then. Rather than go for a 3 mile run on your treadmill, go for a bike ride outside. Rather than 150 Push-ups, try 75 with a little pause at the base.

Your surroundings will come in very handy in this period. Look around you; your stairs, couch, kitchen floor, and so on can be your equipment. Take, for example, your water jugs could substitute for dumbbells, and sandbags can come in handy for intense workouts.


Forgetting your posture

While we are all focused on working on our abs, thighs, and so on, we often forget one of the essential muscles in the body. Our posture suffers a great deal while we carry out our daily routine. Therefore it is essential; you work on your back so as to keep you healthy and help you maintain a proper upper-body strength.

Understandably, lots of people avoid back home workouts because they don’t have the equipment to carry out such training. But here is the catch, because you don’t have the equipment is no excuse. There are several ways you can work your back. You can use two broomsticks over two chairs. In addition to helping you hit your upper back, it enables you to hit your core.


Looking for excuses

Sometimes there is no excuse for not working out at home. When training at home, we understand that the distractions would be seismic; however, if you are persistent, and determined your favorite episode of “Breaking Bad” won’t stop you from getting into shape. Rather than say, “you can’t,” tell yourself, “you can”.


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