Succeed Even After Failing

To some people, failure can quite literally be the end of the world. They try to lead their lives as close to ‘perfection’ as possible and if something goes wrong, they have failed and they struggle to get over it. To them, it proves that they are human and that things can go wrong but this is something that they don’t like or enjoy.


If you are reading this so far whilst nodding along, you have to realise that this isn’t a healthy way to live. You have to realise that there are certain things in life that you simply cannot control and so things will go wrong from time to time. However, this doesn’t mean that you have some sort of problem that you have to fix. The most important thing about failure is how you deal with it; of course, the easiest thing to do is let it get you down and dwell on how badly you have failed. Although this is the easier method, it definitely isn’t the best one.


The best way to deal with failure is to use it as an opportunity to learn; it gives you a chance to learn what you can do to improve so that you can do better the next time. Let’s say you have an interview for your dream job and you fail to get offered the role; you could be down and think ‘it’s all over’ OR you can find out where you went wrong and learn how to improve so you ensure you get the job next time. It is important to find out why you failed; in our example, did you fail because you failed to do enough research on the company? Was it because your resume wasn’t up to scratch? Whatever the reason for your failure, you can then treat it as a stepping stone towards growth to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


This is what’s known as ‘The Art of Failure’; knowing how to deal with failure is seen as an art because it can sometimes teach you more than success. If you want to succeed in life, you have to harness this power because you will be sure to hit some bumps along the way. If you find yourself failing often, see if there is a common denominator for your failure and find out how to fix it. Maybe it is your mindset; do you need to be more confident?


As soon as you realise that failure can help you to learn and that you have the power to do so, overcoming a problem suddenly isn’t as hard as it seems. Once you breakdown exactly why you failed and work out solutions to this problem, your personal development will improve dramatically as not all people have this skill; you will suddenly set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. Treat life like a journey and make sure that you take the hard times alongside the good times; if you ever fail at something, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, find out why you failed and improve in that area so you can continue on the road to success.

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These 3 questions will make you successful if you can answer them honestly to yourself. Thanks for watching and make sure subscribe.

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5 Question’s to ask yourself in order to get fitness results

T H A N K  Y O U

You have goals, but are you optimally achieving them? Are your current actions going to lead to what you want? Are you attempting to get stronger, lose fat, improve your endurance, or compete? Are you performing the proper exercises and drills? Are you working hard enough and recovering properly? Are you experiencing a lot of injuries due to your training? Is your nutritional intake in line with your goals?


There are multiple elements to any training regime. If you’re not seeing the results you want, trying looking at some of the following aspects. Even if things are going well, it can’t hurt to take a step back and see what can be improved on, either!


1. Exercises

Many people mistakenly use the wrong activities as the end all, be all way to goal attainment. If you’re attempting to build muscle, you need to use a combination of weights and body weights with a suitable range of reps that stimulate growth. If you’re trying to get lean and more defined, you must eat better, strength train, and engage in high-calorie burning exercises. If endurance is what you want, then that means demanding endurance training like running or spinning. There’s no catch-all exercise for optimal results. Think about what you want to get out of your training, and make sure you’re doing the exercises to match. Consider getting a customized training program that suits your needs. Get one here.


2. Intensity

The human body won’t develop if it isn’t pushed to the limit. Easy workouts or exercises won’t produce results, because the body isn’t being challenged. By stressing the body, you encourage it to develop more endurance or muscle mass. Likewise, skill improvement comes from the exact practice of skills. This means intense repetitive practices until what was once difficult becomes effortless. Then from that point you up the intensity again!


3. Level

There is a huge difference between people training for competitions and people training for fitness. If you’re a competitor, most likely you’ll need to engage in intensive exercises that have some risk: joint compromising bouncing, jerking, and explosive exercise movements, along with awkward jumping, twisting, and landing situations. If you’re a non-competitor just trying to get in shape, you don’t need to expose your body to those stresses. Make sure to use the exercises that match your level.


4. Frequency

Being over-zealous and training too much leads to physical and mental fatigue, and increased potential for injury. Dedication is important, but too much just causes problems. Remember to pace yourself and take regular breaks. This may seem contradictory, since intensity is also a key component of training, but there’s a difference between pushing your body and breaking it. Learn your limits and reach them, but don’t go overboard.


5. Nutrition

This one is big. Nutrition fuels the body but you need more than a good caloric balance. Building muscle for instance takes more protein, while endurance takes more carbs. Losing weight means eating less, obviously, but what you do eat should be low in fat. All of these do’s and don’ts can get confusing, but fortunately the internet is a treasure trove of information. Decide what results you want, and a quick Google search will let you find the nutrition plan to reach it!



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Presentation: Adam Ali Motivates The PYB Group

[VIDEO] Speaking at the PYB YOUTH Basketball SUMMER CAMP

I had no idea that there would be a recording but like they say:  “IF YOU STAY READY YOU WON’T HAVE TO GET READY”.

Special Thank You to Jayson Prince for inviting me in to speak to his #LASERFOCUSED Youths.

laserfocused youths


Want to get Adam to come out to your event? CLICK HERE


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Dynamic Stretches

 Featured Pharmafreak Post

Here are 6 Dynamic stretches you should do before working out. Dynamic stretches are the preferred stretch in comparison to static stretches.

This video has been brought to you by: Pharmafreak

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[VIDEO] Get to know me Pt 2- @ADAMwontLOSE

Get To Know Me Pt 2

Interview with Tyrone”T-reXxX’ Edwards

Interview with Tyrone Edwards, aka T-RexXx, is best known for being the host of E! Movie Night, one of the creators of 1 LOVE T.O., and the former host on MuchMusic’s RapCity.

ADAMwontLOSE answer questions around fitness, iwontlose updates, Tristan transformation, and motivation. Big shout out to T-rex for lending his time to make this interview happen.

Did you like the interview? let me know! Thanks for tuning in!!
Check out Get to know me Pt.1 from 2012 –…


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Get up and get what’s yours!

When are you going to take responsibility for your life? don’t delay any more. Show up for your life today!!


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The Athletic Mind Gym Video Course – Promo Video

The Athletic Mind Gym Video Course

The Athletic Mind Gym Video Course by ADAMwontLOSE and Coach Dayne

The ATHLETIC MIND GYM: How To Become A Top Performing Athlete

is a video course brought to you by motivational athlete Adam Ali (a.k.a. ADAMwontLOSE) of and Coach Dayne of the 1% Mindset. The two motivational leaders have joined forces in providing you with a jam-packed video course on what it takes to become a top performing athlete in your respective sport.


Are you?

– An aspiring athlete?
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Then this course is for YOU!


Does this sound familiar?

– You want to have more confidence in your sport
You want to be a better leader
You want to be the best athlete you can be
You want to know how to take care of your body to perform at optimal
Then this course is for YOU!


The Athletic Mind Gym video course contains no fillers just 20 “In your face” Videos designed with the sole intentions to make you take massive ACTION towards your athletic/sports goals starting today. We’ve added some valuable bonuses which include:-

– meal plan
workout routine
a commitment contract
and more
Some of the highlighted topics we cover are:-

Athletic Physiology (How to optimize your body for top performance)
Athletic Psychology (How to form the right mindset to achieve)
A Case study on Kobe Bryant and Bruce Lee
Motivation (What it really is and how to form the right kind of motivation for your success)
And many more
If you truly want to grow in your sport invest in this program and by next week you’ll already be better then you are today. Guaranteed!

We are even backing it up with a money back guaranteed if you are not content. There is no risk for you except being the best athlete you can be by next week!

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