One common theme from workout enthusiasts and trainers is using cardiovascular endurance to boost their stamina and get a shredded body. They often do this to reduce fatigue during their workouts and other physical activities.

Well, there is no denying it that there are precise ways to enhance the aerobic capacity system, but what most folks don’t know is that with just speed and strength training alone, they can build aerobic capacity while limiting fatigue.

Taking things into perspective, if we boost your overall output (speed, and strength), then your overall operational output increases as well, thus reducing the need for you to rely on your entire energy systems.

From all indications, strength and speed training has a positive effect on aerobic events, but why so? A look into the energy systems will paint a better picture for us.



Lots of energy systems have an effect on activities that are aerobic in nature like speed and strength training. The common energy systems are Aerobic, Anaerobic, and Latic energy systems.

Anaerobic energy system

This system is in charge of the precise delivery of maximum power and strength at short intervals. Anaerobic activities do not require the use of oxygen. Instead, it relies on ATP, and Creatine Phosphate (CP) to accomplish its goals. Because of the restricted amount of CP and ATP in the body, they can only be used for activities which require a short burst of energy, e.g. short prints.



This system plays a key role in the transfer of oxygen around the body. It requires oxygen and less intensity.  It is a contrast to the Anaerobic energy system which requires more intense and intense and requires little oxygen.



This is a state where the body has used its maximum output for a long time, and as such, the required oxygen cannot get to the right place to aid the activity. In other words, there has been a depletion in CP and ATP in muscles where they are required.


Now that you know the energy systems let’s tie all of these up together. Remember your maximum output is your maximum speed and strength in an ideal condition while your operational output is your maximum strength and speed under normal circumstances.

Therefore, improving our overall speed and strength via training leads to an increase in our maximum output, and thus our operational out doesn’t affect our energy systems as it would have under normal circumstances.

More importantly, under such conditions, our bodies are now equipped to carry out activities through aerobic and anaerobic systems because our operational output is now our maximum output. Ultimately, by becoming stronger, you are you use your operational output, thus putting fewer demands on your systems.



Can working out be fun?

One of the things people give as the reason why they don’t exercise is that it is not fun, it is stressful, and it can be tedious. Well, such people couldn’t be more wrong. Exercising can genuinely be fun and amazing if you want it to be. Whether it is a regular workout plan, or a fitness training program, exercising can be fun if you choose to make it such.

The best way to make your workout plan effective and interesting is by setting up a routine that you can follow up. There are varieties of ways via which you can create a regular exercise routine to help you achieve your shredded body, and work out goals. What’s more, these routines can be fun. The truth is that when you turn your workout routines into fun and exciting routines, they become something that you enjoy, and you look forward to all the time. The following are five ways to work out and have fun while doing it.


Start small

Just pick one workout plan for a week, and make sure you commit yourself to it. Don’t make your workout routines complex, and don’t try and sandwich so much into your plan. You will only find the entire process stressful, and it might bump you out. Simply select that one activity for that week, and go with it. Just make sure what you choose is entirely your decision, and ensure it isn’t strenuous.


Select a day to workout and go with it

Check your schedule, and check out when will be the most convenient time for you to work those muscles. You might prefer Saturday morning, or evening, even at lunch hour on Wednesday. It doesn’t really matter when, just go with a day that fits into your plan, and stick to it. Irrespective of the day or time you pick, ensure you follow it through every week.


Once you commit, no going back

Stick to your fitness training plan, and don’t slack. It can be very tempting to miss a workout day here and there, but ultimately, it might not be advisable. It will not only dampen your goals, in the end; it will also prevent you from building up much-needed momentum. Committee to your daily, and weekly targets, and don’t look back.


Don’t be distracted

You don’t want to let anything come between you and your fitness training plans. Consistency is vital if you’re going to have a shredded body. Don’t allow anything to interrupt your schedule, and never compromise with your health. Your workout days should be your priority, and you should make your plans with that in mind. Once you start to compromise with your workout plan, you will continually find reasons to compromise. Remember, create a plan, and stick to it.


Reward yourself

It is great to tell yourself well done after a good workout session. Remember you are your number one fan, so commend yourself, and give yourself a pat on the back. You can give yourself a healthy smoothie, or protein shake, as a form of well done. It is always a good idea to give yourself a reason to go on. Rewards can be beneficial in the short and long term.


Don’t buy into people that say exercise is boring and bleak. It can be fun for you if you know how to go about it. The knowing the way to work out, and have fun when you do it will make you achieve your fitness goals quicker. Implement the strategies above and start reaping the amazing results. Need a workout program? head down to they have programs on sale right now for only $9.99 (one time fee!)



If you take an inventory of how you spend your days, you will notice two distinctive features; there are days when you are most productive and beaming with insane energy levels, and there are other days when you don’t even want to get out of bed.

Let’s stay on the positive here and dissect your most productive days. On such days, your energy levels were off the charts, and your thought process was clear. So, what could have been the reason for this? Maybe you had a good night’s rest, or you had a great workout session at the gym the previous night, or it could be that you ate a healthy breakfast. You see, all of these aren’t just isolated events. There is a striking correlation between having a healthy mind and a healthy body as well.

Having a productive mental health will depend on just how you nourish and move your body. A healthy body is firmly connected to a healthy mind, and the evidence is clearly illustrated below;


Exercise makes you energized, not exhausted.

As simple as it is, this is something most folks aren’t aware of. Exercise helps to increase your blood flow, and keep you alert all through the day more than any beverage can. When you are continually moving all through the day, or standing up at regular intervals at your desk, or even taking a casual walk in the office can help you navigate any afternoon slumps and enhance your productivity levels.

Your brain needs its fuel to function.

Your brain is one engine in your body that is constantly working, and as such, it needs its constant supply of fuel. Primarily, your brain requires a healthy dose of carbs, and by healthy dose, we mean veggies and fruits, along with food-rich in fiber such as beans. These foods will help you stay productive, and alert as well.

Moving first helps you learn more.

If you are observing memory lapses now and then, then take a bird’s-eye view of how you go about your day. It is recommended that engaging in an exercise as little as a brisk walk can help you handle high cognitive function tasks effectively.

Exercise can help you get over your depression.

Exercise has always been an essential key in combating clinical depression and mood swings. A small dose of exercise can go a long way in helping you regain focus, and that feel good factor about yourself. As a note of caution, if you feel depressed or you observe any symptoms of depression, please visit a medical professional for proper diagnosis.


Final words

Your optimal health is a combination of your mind and body; if but are in good shape, then you can be sure of having a productive life. Never underestimate the importance of taking good care of yourself. After all, you can only take care of others, when you take care of yourself.



Weight training is an amazing training session to incorporate into your fitness plan if you want to see a substantial difference in how you look and your entire body at large. It has what it takes to help your body get the body right into the desired shape that you want. Just as how yoga helps enhance flexibility in your body, so also does weight lifting help with your stamina, cutting down fats, and even improving your joints fell alright.

It has to be said that there are numerous benefits of weight lifting to anybody but getting it right is what will bring about the benefits. But it is alarming that several newbies that dive into weight lifting do so with little or no knowledge about weight lifting. The truth is it is not all about lifting heavy, and the sooner you realize that the sooner you will save yourself from injury and harm. So, we’ve highlighted some of the mistakes beginners make when they are attempting weight training for the first time. Don’t feel bad if you come across one or two you’ve made along the way, that’s the point, everyone makes mistakes, what counts is learning from it.


Not having a guide from the beginning

You have come across a weight lifting programme online with no real explanation of their training protocol, and boom, the next thing you want to do is go to the gym and try it out all by yourself, sounds good right? Well, it is a lousy plan and one that could lead to problems for you. The thing is, you need a program that follows proven training protocols like Menstrong focuses on ensuring correct form, proper nutrition and supplementation, and mental strengthening practices.


Using social media influencers as your inspiration

Most beginners fall into the trap of following the advice of social media fitness influencers wholeheartedly, without verifying any of the advice. Most fitness influencers, although great at what they do, aren’t really qualified to be personal trainers. The lack the fundamental foundational knowledge to show people how to go about specific techniques. Take any advice on social media with a pinch of salt, and do yourself a favor by verifying any advice.


Comparing yourself with a pro

This is a single race for you and not a competition with anyone. Most people always try to compete with the toughest guy in the gym or using him/her as a benchmark. While setting realistic goals are right for you, trying to take every moment you spend in the gym as a competition, isn’t healthy for you.


Training starts and stops at the gym

This is a common mistake newbie make all the time. You don’t need the gym alone to hit your targets. Your home can be your workout studio just like the gym. Get yourself a couple of dumbbells, and a bench, and you are good to go.


Concentrating on just weight training

You want to be good at weight training, dial it down a notch and balance your fitness plan. Don’t just focus on weights alone, work on your cardio, and flexibility, and eat the right kind of meals as well. The combination of all of these will ensure you are in better shape to meet your weight training goals.

The Fitness Pro’s Guide to Better Sleep

The three prerequisites for optimal physical fitness is exercise, diet, and sleep. Of all the three variables, sleep often gets neglected by most fitness fanatics.

The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized in any training regime. It is an essential factor that affects both your diet and your workout performance. For those who don’t know, sleep helps to keep your hunger hormones in check and help with your cravings and appetite.

Inadequate sleep or sleep deprivation has lots of consequences on individuals. Folks who sleep poorly at night, end up gaining as much as 38d calories on a daily basis than people who get adequate sleep. Also, inadequate sleep can also affect your immune system, and that means there is an increased likelihood that you may fall sick, become injury prone, and even have mild to severe amnesia.

Nobody is above the repercussions of inadequate sleep, not even the best fitness coach or trainer. In as much as you are a fitness coach and you are taking care of your clients, it is even more important you focus on your health as well so you can give your best every time.

This guide is created explicitly for fitness pros, strength coaches, and trainers, in a bid to assist them with their sleep challenges. Below are some of the reasons why fitness pros and coaches don’t do so well with sleep


• Too much coffee and occasional booze
Fitness trainers are often one of the busiest set of persons one could find. In order for them to get through their busy schedule, they often depend on caffeine and occasional booze to keep them awake all day.

Everybody knows caffeine and sleep don’t work together, and in as much as it keeps you active all through the day, t can deprive you of sleep not just for a night alone but as high as 3 to 7 nights depending on your body system.

Limit your caffeine intake, and if you need a pick me up, you can head outside and get some fresh air and sunlight.

• Crazy working hours
Several fitness trainers have crazy working schedules that see them work from as early as 4 am in the morning to as late as 10 pm in the night. Most trainers would say time is money, hence why they need to ramp up the extra work ours. But then again, it isn’t worth it if all the money you make, you end up spending it to treat yourself.

A simple solution will be to utilize the free time you usually get in the midafternoon to sleep. This time, clients don’t often come around for their training, you can pick up a quiet spot or a sleeping room and take a nap. Do this continuously, and your body will adapt to it.


• The superman feeling
Well, you think you are superman, so you can go all the distance by not sleeping adequately, well spoiler alert you are not.
Given the nature of the job you do and the amount of energy you utilize, you can’t carry out your daily routine on just a 4-hour a night sleep. You would only compound problems for your body in no so distant time.

It is recommended that you sleep a minimum of 8 hours every night (or close to that number) for you to function effectively and still maintain optimal health.
For you to be your best you need adequate sleep, even Superman gets to sleep adequately despite his busy schedule saving the world.




Rigorous exercise regime and calorie deficit are two procedures that get thrown around a lot whenever Fat-loss is mentioned. They’ve been used by so many, people, and Fat loss coaches that it would seem that they are the only Fat loss principles ever known to man. Although both have their own roles to play in bodily transformation, they are not the only principles one can use to meet their weight loss targets.

A lot of factors play a specific role in helping you achieve your weight loss targets. Yes, calorie deficit and a rigorous exercise plan carried out continuously can have some telling results, but there are some fat loss principles, persons blatantly ignore, and guess what, these principles no one wants to tell you about, achieve more results and show a progressive change than you could imagine. Let’s take a look at some of these principles;

Learn how to cook
What most persons don’t know is that Homemade meals and healthy meals play a prominent role in any fat loss or body transformation programs. However, in order to get the benefits out of these meals, you need to know how to cook them in the first place. In learning how to cook, nobody is saying you have to become a master chef, no far from that, the idea is for you to know the fundamentals of cooking, and see the beauty in it, and chances are you will not be lured by those fast food cravings.

Relax and don’t pressure yourself
Female weight loss and general body transformation pressure usually come with its own demands. There is the strong desire to make swift progress, shed those extra body fats and look your best, but you don’t need to pressurize yourself unnecessarily. You don’t have to feel bad if you do not see the results you wish to see, if you put so much pressure on yourself, chances are you won’t even succeed in your weight loss pursuit.


Get your hands dirty and do the work
There is the work part that comes with weight loss that most people are scared of and some people just run from it. It is no wonder most folks are always searching the Internet looking for a quick fix weight loss program, or the next big supplement that makes you lose 2lbs in 5 minutes. All of those won’t work if you don’t put yourself in the position to work and give everything you’ve got.


Calorie deficit and Rigorous exercise plans are often passed around as the only weight loss principles, but although both are good at what they do, they are not the only weight loss principles in the world. Actually, there are fat loss principles no one wants to tell you about, and you didn’t know to exist. We’ve identified a couple of these principles, and they are sure to give you your expected weight loss results. Join today to get access to a complete meal plan and workout training system to help you with your fat loss goals. See you inside!


Intermittent Fasting: A Great Way to Lose Weight

Did you know that nearly 40% of the US population is categorized as overweight?

Did you know that an average US millennial spends $1,429 on health?

All this might not come as a surprise. However, we wanted to discuss a rising popular method thats been helping many shed weight and increase their day to day energy levels with Intermittent Fasting.

The early onset of the 21st century witnessed a new trend to lose weight. The practice of Intermittent Fasting, with different models like Time-restricted feeding and alternate day fasting blended well with the diet plans for those who gave this method a try.

With Intermittent Fasting, the calorie intake redefines itself. In most of the diets, fat is the product of glucose breaking down into smaller fragments. But, under the influence of Intermittent Fasting, the food intake shifts gradually from a “Glucose” power source to a “Ketones” power source. Therefore, the diet shifts to a healthy fat intake.

How Intermittent Fasting Helps Establish This Model?

Normalizing Insulin

In the body, the Insulin does the task of a storage house. It stores energy and releases it as and when required for body build-up. In the Intermittent Fasting schedule, whether you are going for Alternate day fasting or time-restricted feeding, the burning of the fat for energy will regulate and process the fat burning in the body. In this way, there will be considerable loss of weight with alternate day fasting acting as a way out to manage and regulate the insulin.

Boost to Norepinephrine

Norepinephrine leads to alertness, arousal, and attention. As per the recommendations of the dieticians and doctors, it shouldn’t always be activated. During the tenure of the fasting, the Norepinephrine is induced, thereby, increasing the alertness, metabolism and fat burning. As a result, quick loss of weight follows. But at the time of Intermittent Fasting, enough exposure to physical work will be reflected in the health and well-being of the practitioner.

But, it is highly advisable to all those who are willing to practice Intermittent fasting to discuss with the dietician or doctor well beforehand and accordingly take the call.



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Fat Burning Tips Supported by Science

11 REAL fat burning tactics supported by science

1) Reduce the amount of sugar you consume

If you consume lots of sugars, they will be converted to fat and stored in fat region of your stomach. These stored fats will in turn upsurge the risk for cardiovascular disease. It is there essential that you limit the amount of sugar you consume if you wish to burn some fat.

2) Eat eggs instead of grains for breakfast

eggs iwontlose

Eggs are a better substitute for cereals and grains as they are high in protein, which is essential for building massive muscle mass. When your body has the right amount of protein, it tends to keep you energized throughout your workout period. Eggs also restrain the craving for more food up to 36 hours, thereby limiting the number of calories you consume.

3) Lower your carbs intake

pizza iwontlose

Carbs are processed foods. Grains such as pastries and white bread are processed food substances whose nutritional contents such as fiber, have been removed. Sugars are another example of simple carbs. Despite the fact that they provide you with energy, they are deficient in nutrients found in heterogeneous carbs. Simple crabs are easily processed, and only a few of its nutrients are absorbed with the rest being passed out as stools.  Simple carbs also influence eating behavior thereby resulting in higher chances of obesity and diabetes. It also affects insulin retardation thus encouraging blood sugar spikes.

4) Intensify your fiber intake

If you really wish to lose some weight, then you should consume more of Vegetables, legumes, fruits, and foods rich in fiber. This is because these food substances will give you that feeling of fullness, thereby making you eat less. Though the health benefits of fiber in the digestive system are yet to be known, its benefits of making you feel full have lots of long-term benefits in controlling weight.

5) Add whey protein to your diet

If you detest eggs, then you will certainly need to consider other sources of protein. Another great way of gaining protein is by consuming whey protein. You should add the whey supplement to your diet while trying to burn fat. This is owing to the fact that whey protein subsidizes weight loss of up to eight pounds. Whey protein also aids in improving your body’s overall composition when consumed before and after combative exercises.

6) Eat more spices

spice x iwontlose

Capsaicin is a compound which aids in promoting weight loss. This compound is found in peppers and other spicy foods. Capsaicin increases the body’s metabolism, promotes the rate at which the body burns fats and calories, and it aids in reducing appetite. Research carried out on it, proved that adding about ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper in soup reduces calorie intake.

7) Drink lots of water

If you are among those who find it pretty difficult consuming lots of water, then you better cultivate the habit of doing so. While water aids in preventing dehydration, it will make you look healthier and fuller thereby eliminating the need for more food intake and lowering the number of calories your body consumes during a meal.

Asides these, if you drink water, your metabolism gets boosted by as much as 25-30 percent for an hour or more.

8) Shun fruit juices

juice iwontlose

Am pretty sure you must have heard people say fruit juices are perfect for your consumption. Well though this may be true, but similar to those sweet juices it needs to be moderately taken. Why’s that? Well, it might interest you to know that fruits refined into liquids are packed with a couple of more sugar. These sugar-concentrated drinks have been attributed to increased risk of childhood obesity. Hence in order to burn fat and lose some pounds, you need to shun those fruit juices.

9) Chew Your Food Well

You may have always been told to chew your food properly and eat slowly while growing up. Well most often as we grow older, we tend to lose this wonderful habit, many thanks to a busy lifestyle. When you properly chew your food, your body is at liberty of absorbing the various nutrients associated with these foods more efficiently. Research has it that when foods are properly chewed, the hormones that aid in weight loss are slowly released. 

10) Substitute Coffee for Green Tea

 green tea x iwontlose

You may want to consider green tea over coffee! Well though the caffeine content of green tea is pretty less than that of coffee, it is a perfect drink owing to its antioxidants, known as catechins which works in a cyclic manner similar to coffee to ameliorate the rate at which calories are being burnt.

11) Chew Gum

gum x iwontlose

While a good number of people chew gums to freshen their breath, research has proven that chewing gum before a meal is of great benefit as it helps you in keeping your mind off hunger. When you chew gum, your mouth gets busy with something to do, and you are less likely to opt for snacks and any other type of unprocessed food.

If you find it pretty difficult in burning off fats, then you should try these listed fat burning tips proven and supported by science. Add these tips to your daily diet, and you will be glad you did.