Physical Fitness and Self Esteem Go Hand in Hand

Physical Fitness and Self Esteem Go Hand in Hand

How the Internet can help improve one’s self confidence


Physical fitness is always a good topic, however, we must not forget that there are other facets of our lives that are also important, such as self esteem. How a person values himself/herself is quite essential, as it affects how he/she turns out later in life. If a person believes in themselves, their mood becomes balanced, and has the tendency to have a more positive outlook in life; it also results in healthy relationships.


There are a lot of ways to help improve one’s self esteem, and socializing is one of these. The advent of social networks such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook has made it easier for many to communicate and “socialize” online. In this light, online games have also become a platform for gamers to meet new friends. Unbeknownst to many, playing video and online games also help improve one’s self esteem. A study conducted by Dr. Andy Przybylski of the University of Oxford revealed that gamers can have the freedom to be who they want to be through the characters they design themselves.

“A game can be more fun when you get the chance to act and be like your ideal self,” Przybylski shares.

The positive effects of course, also rely on the type of game that is being played. Online games with “communities” where gamers can exchange ideas and tips create a friendly environment for people to socialize. Games that allow players to interact with each other allow players to feel a sense of belonging.


It may not be obvious to a lot of people, but game developers are gearing towards creating positive and welcoming communities to their players. UK-based game developer AlchemyBet, creators of Pocket Fruity, ensures that players and visitors are kept informed through the blogs on their online games.

“First, it will make it more attractive to the search engines. Secondly it’s a great way to provide information and educate your customer about your products, business, industry, etc. Lastly, a blog can give a human face to your business making it stand out from the crowd,” explains Bradley&Company.

While there are a lot of benefits in playing and socializing online, moderation is still key. One should remember that there is still no alternative to spending quality time with friends and family.



Fitness saved my life and it can save yours too


Fitness saved my life and it can save yours too

Being physically active can literally save your life!  


Being fit can affect every aspect of your life – not just your physical health, but your emotional and mental well being, too.  Only 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity for 5 days out of the week can help you become physically fit.  Fitness relates to physical activity.  Fitness is not just a trim or muscular body or a 10K runner.  I like to think of fitness as the key for optimal health and overall well being.


Many times fitness professionals are frustrated with clients who want to be fit, but don’t take the required actions.  Many people think that by taking a pill or ordering a gadget seen on an infomercial will do the trick and they will become fit.  How many of you have exercise equipment hiding in closet or under the bed and use your treadmill as a clothes hanger?   Having the equipment alone won’t help you become physically fit.  You have to use it.  Physical fitness doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not a quick fix. Looking like the models on TV selling exercise equipment is not practical for most people. Getting fit is not that easy.  On the other hand, it’s not that hard.  Understanding the benefits of being fit, feeling the benefits, and seeing the benefits keep us motivated and consistent.


Here are some of the health benefits that can save your life.  Physical activity has a direct effect on the heart.  It increases oxygen supply to the heart, decreases oxygen demands and improves the strength of the heart muscle contractions.  Exercise lowers blood pressure.  Exercise significantly improves blood sugar levels; which is important if you have type 2 diabetes or if you have a family history of diabetes.


fitnessheartWell-respected research shows that compared with active people, sedentary people have almost double the risk of developing or dying from coronary heart disease.  This is critically important as heart disease remains the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States.  The New England Medical Journal states in a study of over 84,000 middle-aged women, who exercised moderately or vigorously for 30 minutes a day slashed their risk of heart disease by 80% (these women did not smoke cigarettes, were not overweight, and maintained a healthful diet).


Here are some tips to get you started.

•    Get a physical exam before beginning any exercise program.
•    Find activities you enjoy doing each day.
•    Start slowly.  Don’t expect fitness results to happen overnight.
•    Follow a progressive program of exercise.  Hire a personal trainer to help you with motivation, coaching, or to learn how to exercise properly.
•    Invite a friend, spouse or family member to join you.
•    Set realistic goals and measure your results in 3 month intervals.
•    Don’t stop if you aren’t getting the results you except. If you stop, you will never get the results.  Results aren’t just how you look, it’s how you feel and your level of health.  
•    Think of exercise as adding quality months and years onto your life.

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