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Today I just wanted to go over the topic about why each and every single one of you should not delay your goals! I know it seems like a topic that everyone seems to cover every so often but this will be an article that you can relate to in your everyday lives. Is there something that you always thought about doing when it comes to your career? You think about it day and night or even before you go to bed? When you wake up in the morning?


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By now you probably know how that one of motto is being LASER FOCUSED. I talk about it all the time because with being laser focused comes a huge increase in productivity which is KEY. Productivity is more valuable than being simply busy. I was scrolling on Pinterest and I found this wicked infographic and I knew I had to share it with you. These tips are from brands/people that totally understand all about PRODUCTIVITY. Here is 33 Productive tips. Cheers!



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These 3 questions will make you successful if you can answer them honestly to yourself. Thanks for watching and make sure subscribe.

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How to rise and grind – every day!

How to RISE and GRIND – every day!

Wake up and give the biggest smile you can make.


Open your window and smile at the sun. Feel your cheek muscles hurting.


Blink slowly 10 times. Keep smiling.


Think about having an amazing day full of joy!


Do your morning routine with your favorite upbeat song playing!
Be enthusiastic about what needs to be done today.
Work hard today. Live hard today. Achieve what you want with intensity.


Grind as hard as you can.
Whenever you are in a bad mood or about to abandoned something find a reason why you feel the way you do.


Accept it or let go of a thing.


Think of the future. Be about the future.


Empower yourself: you are the key to your own success and happiness like the cherry on top of the world.


Rise and grind – every day!

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iWontLose Awards #6 –Amanda Marie

-iWontLose Awards-


This week we select Amanda Marie a professional dancer from Boston, Mass with the iWontLose Award. She graduated with a BA as a dance major in 2012. She enjoys choreographing and performing and is involved in music related projects. Right now she is learning to produce music and is in the process of branding her entity. She is very passionate around dance and arts and one of her biggest accomplishments that she has achieved been dancing/performing with Nick Cannon on Live! With Kelly and Michael & BET 106 & Park. Stay connected with Amanda via social Media:-


I want you all to help me give some well deserved recognition to Amanda Marie.

Want to be an iWontLose Award Recipient? Contact us with your story. We look forward to featuring you.

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iWontLose Awards #5 – Donia Aly

iwontlose_awards_1-DoniaThis week we select Donia A. as the recipient of the iWontLose Awards. She has displayed strong passion towards supporting youth initiatives in the city of Toronto.

Shes a fitness enthusiast and enjoyes coaches children too. Her mission is to be a helping hand in positive initiatives.

Donia is looking forward to continuing to inspire youth to do the same through the “Do What You Love” film/media project (October 2014) that she has been working on with community lead group-  4Reasonz Inc

I want you all to help me give some well deserved recognition to Donia A.

Want to be an iWontLose Award Recipient? Contact us with your story. We look forward to featuring you.

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5 Traits of the Successful

5 Traits of the Successful

Hand finger

According to me, ADAMwontLOSE, I feel these are 5 key traits that lead to success. There might be many more other characteristics but I feel whether you are seeking business, academic, relationship, self-development success you will need the 5 following traits to succeed.

  1. Courageous

Courage, something all people must have. Courage is that ability to take leap of faith against your fears. It’s the ability to confront danger, pain and agony. This is an attribute that can be found in top performing athletes and many successful people. These people are motivated towards their goal in life and have no fear of loss. This courage makes a person want to live without having the concerns of falling back. Athletes can climb dangerous mountains, businessmen can can take risky investments all because they are courageous.

  1. Laser-focused

Having the knowledge of what your heart desires and then having the determination to reach that desire is called being laser focused about it. People with a strong heart and intellectual understanding of the world can have this vision. The people in the profession of sports or something that includes facing agonizing circumstances to reach that one required goal have this focus. You can see the laser-focusness in athletes when competiting at an exceptional high level. Being focused is just not enough you have to be LASER FOCUSED.

  1. Works hard

Hard work has always been the key to success. All athletes strive and work on their body as well as daily routine to reach an optimal lifestyle in accordance with their profession. Working hard is not an easy task and therefore can only be accomplished by the people who have a burning desire to succeed in their minds and hearts.

  1. Team player

No man is an island. You certainly need to have what I like to call ‘people-skills’ in order to get a head and achieve success. You’re day to day interactions with others determines your progress. You’re going to need to talk, collaborate, partner, and just talk to the right people in order to get to your destination. Do not waste anothter minute thinking you will make it all alone. Start being a team player – today!

  1. Problem solver

Ever encountered problems that you left hanging despite their answers present? This is not the habit of a motivated person! Every person who has the determination and motivation to live on to his dreams and grasp that once in a life time chance is a problem solver. Every athlete has the ability to solve his problems and lacking in the field to outrun the opponents.


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Powerful Anti-Obesity Video

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[Motivational Video] Where’s Your Heart At?

Where’s Your Heart At?

Starring Francis Atta and ADAMwontLOSE

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