Inspiration: The story of Dashrath Majhi

dasrath-manjhi-The story of Dashrath Majhi

Dashrath Majhi’s wife died without any treatment, because the nearest town with a Doctor was 70 km away from their village in Bihar, India.

Well that could have been a far shorter distance, if not for a hill in between the village and the town. Dashrath Manjhi did not want anyone else to suffer the same fate as his wife.

So he did the unthinkable: From Wikipedia: Dashrath Manjhi’s claim to fame has been the herculean task of single-handedly carving a 360-foot-long (110 m), 25-foot-high (7.6 m) and 30-foot-wide (9.1 m) road by cutting a mountain of Gehlour hills with a hammer, chisel and nails working day and night for 22 years from 1960 to 1982.


This passage reduced the distance between Atri and Wazirganj blocks of Gaya district from 70 km to just 7 km. Here is the man And here is the mountain he cleaved alone