Emotional eating is an eating disorder that is becoming rampant. More people are suffering from it, and it is having a negative impact on society as a whole. If you are faced with an emotional eating disorder, there are certain diet tips that you can utilize to help you employ healthier eating habits in your life.

Below are some of the ways via which you can free yourself from emotional eating.


The first step to correcting any emotional eating disorder and problems relating to nutrition is first to accept that you have an eating problem. Without acceptance, you won’t be able to free yourself from any difficulties that you face. Knowing and owning your problem is the first step to making everything right.


Take responsibility

You have to acknowledge that the person who can fix your problem is you. There is nobody out there that can help you out except you help yourself. As soon as you take responsibility for your actions, you can now identify a healthy nutrition plan to follow.


Choose a time to change

Do you want this to go on any longer or do you want to stop? Your answer is obviously the latter. The time to change is now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, but now! Just tell yourself you can do it, and put your mind into it. As soon as you decide it is time, you’ve already set yourself on the platform of recovery.


Take control

Be in control of yourself and how you eat. Rather than allowing your eating to control you, let it be the other way around. You don’t want to be a victim of your emotional eating anymore. Don’t give in to your emotions and eat without measure. You should be in charge of what you eat, and when you eat. Don’t let your emotions lead you into a path of regrets.


Locate the origin of the problem

Get pen and notepad, and try to write the reasons you eat, and your feelings those specific times. This will help you identify your emotional eating triggers. Identifying the origin of the problem will help you create the best actions to sole them. Writing out what you feel when you feel it will help you let go of any feeling tied to your emotional eating. This step is very crucial in helping you get rid of your emotional eating disorder.



If you have that feeling of eating due to your emotions, you could simply just prevent yourself from doing it by drinking water. Have water around anywhere you go and have a drink when you have those moments with your emotions. A simple glass of water will help you regain control of yourself while also filling up the stomach. Drinking water will make it hard for you to eat.


Change the habit by replacing it

To change any habit, you need to replace it with another one. Look for those things you enjoy doing. It could be a hobby or exercising, or even stepping out of the house to take a walk. All of these will prevent you from eating based on your emotions and help you build your boost your confidence and self-esteem.


Don’t be afraid

The road to recovery isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it is an impossible task. You can gain control over your eating habits. With the right diet plans, self-control, and a conscious effort to change, you will attain your results. Don’t look back on your old eating habits, don’t feel frustrated, choose to be better, and you will be.


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Do you find meal prepping difficult, and challenging then, you can make it easier by using these tips:

Living a healthy lifestyle is one thing everybody wants in the world today. However, living a healthy life isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to follow a specific diet plan, follow a particular workout regimen, and lots of other requirements. On the other hand, if you implement the above in your life, then you will be amazed at the rewards that will come your way.

Looking for ways to look fit, attain a shredded body, as well as optimal health, should be top of your priority.

The best method to follow up on a healthy lifestyle is to monitor your diet and calorie intake. All of these can be achieved, creating a meal prepping plan. A meal-prep plan will help you set your food choices for the week ahead, and stop you from depending on fast food and junk food. There are lots of benefits that come from following a meal prep plan. Not only does it help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it also helps you to attain your fitness goals, and achieve your shredded appearance.



Most people indulge in fast food regularly without even realizing it. In America today, more than 30% of people consume at least one type of fast daily. There are some many demerits to eating fast food. They are unhealthy, expensive, and are full of calories and fat. On the other hand, with meal prep, you save yourself on some cash, and you also eat healthily.

Now, if you want meal prep to work for you, you have to develop a watertight plan right from the start. Create a plan of what you will be eating ahead of time, and make sure you get the ingredients ready beforehand. This will mean you come with a detailed shopping list, and even shopping in bulk. To make the entire process enjoyable, come up with a new plan every week or two weeks, or interchange between



One rookie mistake that is common when it comes to meal prepping is making the meal complex. Initially, this might be fun, but with time, you might lose that urge to prep something complex, and at the end of the day, you are ordering a Big Mac.

What you want to do is come up with meals and snacks that you can easily make. This will ensure you follow up the plan in its entirety. What’s more? You can always choose a day out of your meal prep to creating something complex as a treat to yourself. Although meal prepping is a bit challenging to start at first, it is a very reliable way to live a healthy lifestyle.



Make most of your cooking time by maximizing all of your cooking space, and that means making use of every part of your stove. Some folks make the mistake of prepping things separately. This is not only time consuming; it will also consume your energy, and make the process just too long.

With the right meal plan, you can maximize your cooking time, and even cook in bulk as well. When you do this consistently, in no time, you will become a meal prep master, and you can cook as much as you want without any difficulties, giving you enough time and energy to do other things.


Final thoughts

Following a diet is not always easy, but the rewards are worth it. To attain a healthy lifestyle, and a shredded body, you just need to be committed, and follow your meal prep plan, and exercise regime. Stick with your plans, and you will see the results in no time.



Lots of humans have one nutrient deficiency or the other, due to lifestyle, eating habits, and the environment. Supplements provide a great way to make up for any deficiency and improve your overall health. We’ve created the list below of top 4 supplements for hardcore health. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, it is essential you have the right amount of nutrients in your body if you to live life optimally, and the best way to do that is by ingesting the right supplement for you.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The world today is filled with more omega-6 fatty acids, than omega-3 fatty acids, and this is evident in how much omega-6, and omega-3 we take. Naturally, the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 in the human body ought to be 2:1 or 3:1, but in actuality because of high junk food and fast food consumption, mostly in female diet, that ratio is 20:1 in omega-6 favor.

Taking enough Omega-3 Fatty Acids supplement, will help normalize that ratio, and give more health benefits, such as reducing inflammation in the body.


Curcumin supplement

Extensive studies have been carried out on the effect of curcumin on various types of cancer, and the results showed some positive signs.

Curcumin has been used to boost athletic performance and at the same time combat malaria, and erectile dysfunction. The supplement has shown therapeutic benefits in different areas. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it also acts as adequate pain relief.

Using curcumin can be a bit tricky because the body has difficulty absorbing it. Some persons ingest a large volume of curry powder, citing that curcumin is one of its main constituents, but that doesn’t have much effect on the body.

The best way to ingest curcumin is when it is made as part of a formula containing the chemical piperine. Piperine boosts the absorption of curcumin by more than 2000%



It is no surprise today that more than 60% of Americans are living with magnesium deficiency, and the percentage increases when you look at athletes and people who perform lots of physical activities, mostly due to the fact that they lose most of their magnesium via sweat.

Magnesium is an essential nutrient in the body. It is vital to various, nutrition purposes, bodily functions and biochemical reactions such as metabolism of insulin, production of energy, and protein synthesis. Evidence of lack of magnesium in the body includes; persistent muscle cramps, poor athletic and physical performance, a weak recovery and so on.

Intake of magnesium reduces the chances of kidney stones, and it also helps to enhance testosterone levels.


Vitamin D

Most people who live in temperate regions, usually suffer from a lack of Vitamin D. Vitamin D forms an essential part in humans. The presence of adequate Vitamin D in the body can be beneficial in a whole lot of ways such as; increase in athletic performance, facilitating muscle build up, and fat loss, and even promote the chances of more orgasms.

The required amount of vitamin D in the body is a minimum of 50ng/ml. You to take as much as 5,000 U of vitamin D3 supplement to go about your day productively.



overexercising iwontlose

It is often said that exercise remains the best thing since sliced bread, and that statement isn’t far from the truth. A closer inspection on the merits of exercise reveals it’s therapeutic and health benefits such as reduction in body fat, improvement in mood, development of lean muscle mass, and so all. With the vast array of benefits of exercise, it is no surprise that more and more people are constantly engaging in various exercises in a bid to improve their health and life.

However excessive exercise can lead to certain complications in our body. Our bodies are like machines, and when it is subjected to rigorous exercise repeatedly, it can lead to wear and tear, and this results in chronic injuries, reduction in immunity, and insomnia. To get the best out of your exercise plans, one has to strike a balance between two critical factors; stress (exercise) and recovery (rest).

If the stress is greater than the recovery, then there is every tendency that the body will suffer for it. So many times, people don’t realize that they are over-exercising, and when they do, it becomes too late, and the body suffers for it.



The following are signs that you are overexercising;

  • A consistent lack of readiness is a clear indicator that you might just be overexercising. The lack of readiness doesn’t indicate a lack of motivation, but instead, it indicates that you feel mentally and physically exhausted.
  • A sudden and consistent rise and all of your morning resting heart rate of 5-10bpm or more in combination with high-load training indicate that you are probably exercising too much, and you require rest. Monitoring your resting heart rate can help you to identify where you are psychological.
  • A consistent lack of appetite and sleep is a good indicator that you have to reduce the amount of exercise you do. A good appetite and a responsive appetite are good ways to tell that your body is in the right condition.



There are different ways via which you can structure your training program to prevent overexercising.

  • Switch between different modes of exercises regularly to get maximum benefits from your exercise regime. This ensures your body does not adapt to the stress of repetitive work and limits your progress.
  • Segment your training into a mixture of high-intensity and low-intensity programs. A combination of both levels of intensity will bring out the best in your exercise plans, and help you avoid over-exercising.


Overexercising can be a problematic issue for you and your health. Don’t overlook the signs that you are overexercising, and it will do you a whole lot of good if you implement certain preventive measures that ensure you don’t overstep the mark. Join us at http://menstrong.com today to get a fully balanced training program that provides nutrition, fitness, and well-being guidance to ensure you never over-exercise! Use the code: GETBIG or GETRIPPED to receive 50% off.




Dieting always comes with its own “Hows” “Ways” and “Methods.” But despite the differences in some of the techniques involved in it, there are still some undeniable truths about dieting. We are going to look at three undeniable truths on how to diet successfully. Tie your shoelaces, and let’s dive in.

• The calorie deficit cannot be ignored, and there has to be a striking difference between what you were doing previously. One truth about dieting that most folks don’t know is that dieting makes you eat less, but ultimately calories count matter. Calories play an essential part, and we are not just talking about calories you are eating to be in deficit, but also calories you consumed before the deficit. This is where your dieting results come become tangible; there has to be a calorie deficit.
The different dieting techniques that have come up are loosely based on the calorie fact. From Whole30 to Keto, and Paleo diets, it is all based on the one fact that you have to be at a calorie deficit from the level you were before.

• Eat to perform made me lose 100 pounds. I must admit, the dieting methods mentioned above did make me lose weight, but there was one thing I didn’t do that would have propelled me to the next level. For persons who have been dieting for a while now and haven’t seen any progress, YOU NEED TO HIT THE BREAKS! For a little while.
Your metabolism plays a crucial role in your progress, and to make it work optimally, you have to feed it with normal food in order for it to recover from the harsh conditions of your dieting cycle. So, don’t hold yourself back, crank up that meal and eat down that sweet potato mixed with bacon and peanut butter.

• Moving for moving sake isn’t enough, you have to be better at it, and that requires adequate sleep and food. Even with the busy schedule on my end, I noticed a steady drop in my weight. This is despite the fact that my macros are currently on the high side. So what step did I take? Well, I added a balanced meal of 600 calories. I also combined sufficient sleep as it helps the body to repair itself while ensuring I get better exercise, and I hold onto lean mass.

The truth is that you can achieve your intended results, through a more sustainable and patient method, a method that is not based on shame or guilt. The combination of self-love and self-acceptance will be the hydration pack that propels you to move forward even when things appear though or difficult.




Rigorous exercise regime and calorie deficit are two procedures that get thrown around a lot whenever Fat-loss is mentioned. They’ve been used by so many, people, and Fat loss coaches that it would seem that they are the only Fat loss principles ever known to man. Although both have their own roles to play in bodily transformation, they are not the only principles one can use to meet their weight loss targets.

A lot of factors play a specific role in helping you achieve your weight loss targets. Yes, calorie deficit and a rigorous exercise plan carried out continuously can have some telling results, but there are some fat loss principles, persons blatantly ignore, and guess what, these principles no one wants to tell you about, achieve more results and show a progressive change than you could imagine. Let’s take a look at some of these principles;

Learn how to cook
What most persons don’t know is that Homemade meals and healthy meals play a prominent role in any fat loss or body transformation programs. However, in order to get the benefits out of these meals, you need to know how to cook them in the first place. In learning how to cook, nobody is saying you have to become a master chef, no far from that, the idea is for you to know the fundamentals of cooking, and see the beauty in it, and chances are you will not be lured by those fast food cravings.

Relax and don’t pressure yourself
Female weight loss and general body transformation pressure usually come with its own demands. There is the strong desire to make swift progress, shed those extra body fats and look your best, but you don’t need to pressurize yourself unnecessarily. You don’t have to feel bad if you do not see the results you wish to see, if you put so much pressure on yourself, chances are you won’t even succeed in your weight loss pursuit.


Get your hands dirty and do the work
There is the work part that comes with weight loss that most people are scared of and some people just run from it. It is no wonder most folks are always searching the Internet looking for a quick fix weight loss program, or the next big supplement that makes you lose 2lbs in 5 minutes. All of those won’t work if you don’t put yourself in the position to work and give everything you’ve got.


Calorie deficit and Rigorous exercise plans are often passed around as the only weight loss principles, but although both are good at what they do, they are not the only weight loss principles in the world. Actually, there are fat loss principles no one wants to tell you about, and you didn’t know to exist. We’ve identified a couple of these principles, and they are sure to give you your expected weight loss results. Join menstrong.com today to get access to a complete meal plan and workout training system to help you with your fat loss goals. See you inside!


Intermittent Fasting: A Great Way to Lose Weight

Did you know that nearly 40% of the US population is categorized as overweight?

Did you know that an average US millennial spends $1,429 on health?

All this might not come as a surprise. However, we wanted to discuss a rising popular method thats been helping many shed weight and increase their day to day energy levels with Intermittent Fasting.

The early onset of the 21st century witnessed a new trend to lose weight. The practice of Intermittent Fasting, with different models like Time-restricted feeding and alternate day fasting blended well with the diet plans for those who gave this method a try.

With Intermittent Fasting, the calorie intake redefines itself. In most of the diets, fat is the product of glucose breaking down into smaller fragments. But, under the influence of Intermittent Fasting, the food intake shifts gradually from a “Glucose” power source to a “Ketones” power source. Therefore, the diet shifts to a healthy fat intake.

How Intermittent Fasting Helps Establish This Model?

Normalizing Insulin

In the body, the Insulin does the task of a storage house. It stores energy and releases it as and when required for body build-up. In the Intermittent Fasting schedule, whether you are going for Alternate day fasting or time-restricted feeding, the burning of the fat for energy will regulate and process the fat burning in the body. In this way, there will be considerable loss of weight with alternate day fasting acting as a way out to manage and regulate the insulin.

Boost to Norepinephrine

Norepinephrine leads to alertness, arousal, and attention. As per the recommendations of the dieticians and doctors, it shouldn’t always be activated. During the tenure of the fasting, the Norepinephrine is induced, thereby, increasing the alertness, metabolism and fat burning. As a result, quick loss of weight follows. But at the time of Intermittent Fasting, enough exposure to physical work will be reflected in the health and well-being of the practitioner.

But, it is highly advisable to all those who are willing to practice Intermittent fasting to discuss with the dietician or doctor well beforehand and accordingly take the call.





Avoid large portion sizes

American restaurants are particularly infamous for large portion sizes. Whenever eating out, it is best to eat until you are satisfied. Just because you have been served, does not mean you have to eat it.

“Healthy desserts” are not healthy

Gluten-free Desserts, vegan desserts or otherwise are not healthy. Just because they are marketed healthy it does not ensure that the calorie count is on the lower side of the scale. Vegan desserts are probably the biggest myth of keto diets.

What to do after a cheat meal?

There is no room for feeling guilty about cheat meals unless they are occasional. All you must do is back it up with hydration and high-intensity workout when you hit the gym. It is best to not hold the practice of gorging every week. A simple trick to achieve this is by practicing to eat the same thing on Monday as you would do during the weekend.

Relish Your Meals

Be grateful for the food on your plate. Chewing your meals properly and eating slowly also ensures proper assimilation and absorption of the nutrients during digestion.

Salads are complete meals

Salads with their fiber and protein content deliver a punch. With a lean cut of meat, lots of roughage and vegetables, they lower the frequency of hunger pangs during the wee hours that has the potential to derail your diet.

Pay Attention to your Food

Map the energy in your body after meals. Experiment and hit that sweet point. What kind of meals is making you energetic? Is it a salad? Is it a protein shake? Read your body’s reactions and plan your meals accordingly.


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Fat Burning Tips Supported by Science

11 REAL fat burning tactics supported by science

1) Reduce the amount of sugar you consume

If you consume lots of sugars, they will be converted to fat and stored in fat region of your stomach. These stored fats will in turn upsurge the risk for cardiovascular disease. It is there essential that you limit the amount of sugar you consume if you wish to burn some fat.

2) Eat eggs instead of grains for breakfast

eggs iwontlose

Eggs are a better substitute for cereals and grains as they are high in protein, which is essential for building massive muscle mass. When your body has the right amount of protein, it tends to keep you energized throughout your workout period. Eggs also restrain the craving for more food up to 36 hours, thereby limiting the number of calories you consume.

3) Lower your carbs intake

pizza iwontlose

Carbs are processed foods. Grains such as pastries and white bread are processed food substances whose nutritional contents such as fiber, have been removed. Sugars are another example of simple carbs. Despite the fact that they provide you with energy, they are deficient in nutrients found in heterogeneous carbs. Simple crabs are easily processed, and only a few of its nutrients are absorbed with the rest being passed out as stools.  Simple carbs also influence eating behavior thereby resulting in higher chances of obesity and diabetes. It also affects insulin retardation thus encouraging blood sugar spikes.

4) Intensify your fiber intake

If you really wish to lose some weight, then you should consume more of Vegetables, legumes, fruits, and foods rich in fiber. This is because these food substances will give you that feeling of fullness, thereby making you eat less. Though the health benefits of fiber in the digestive system are yet to be known, its benefits of making you feel full have lots of long-term benefits in controlling weight.

5) Add whey protein to your diet

If you detest eggs, then you will certainly need to consider other sources of protein. Another great way of gaining protein is by consuming whey protein. You should add the whey supplement to your diet while trying to burn fat. This is owing to the fact that whey protein subsidizes weight loss of up to eight pounds. Whey protein also aids in improving your body’s overall composition when consumed before and after combative exercises.

6) Eat more spices

spice x iwontlose

Capsaicin is a compound which aids in promoting weight loss. This compound is found in peppers and other spicy foods. Capsaicin increases the body’s metabolism, promotes the rate at which the body burns fats and calories, and it aids in reducing appetite. Research carried out on it, proved that adding about ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper in soup reduces calorie intake.

7) Drink lots of water

If you are among those who find it pretty difficult consuming lots of water, then you better cultivate the habit of doing so. While water aids in preventing dehydration, it will make you look healthier and fuller thereby eliminating the need for more food intake and lowering the number of calories your body consumes during a meal.

Asides these, if you drink water, your metabolism gets boosted by as much as 25-30 percent for an hour or more.

8) Shun fruit juices

juice iwontlose

Am pretty sure you must have heard people say fruit juices are perfect for your consumption. Well though this may be true, but similar to those sweet juices it needs to be moderately taken. Why’s that? Well, it might interest you to know that fruits refined into liquids are packed with a couple of more sugar. These sugar-concentrated drinks have been attributed to increased risk of childhood obesity. Hence in order to burn fat and lose some pounds, you need to shun those fruit juices.

9) Chew Your Food Well

You may have always been told to chew your food properly and eat slowly while growing up. Well most often as we grow older, we tend to lose this wonderful habit, many thanks to a busy lifestyle. When you properly chew your food, your body is at liberty of absorbing the various nutrients associated with these foods more efficiently. Research has it that when foods are properly chewed, the hormones that aid in weight loss are slowly released. 

10) Substitute Coffee for Green Tea

 green tea x iwontlose

You may want to consider green tea over coffee! Well though the caffeine content of green tea is pretty less than that of coffee, it is a perfect drink owing to its antioxidants, known as catechins which works in a cyclic manner similar to coffee to ameliorate the rate at which calories are being burnt.

11) Chew Gum

gum x iwontlose

While a good number of people chew gums to freshen their breath, research has proven that chewing gum before a meal is of great benefit as it helps you in keeping your mind off hunger. When you chew gum, your mouth gets busy with something to do, and you are less likely to opt for snacks and any other type of unprocessed food.

If you find it pretty difficult in burning off fats, then you should try these listed fat burning tips proven and supported by science. Add these tips to your daily diet, and you will be glad you did.


Weight loss Without Exercise? Do these 15 tips now!

Weight loss without even exercising?

Sometimes exercising cant be done, so try these 15 tips for weight loss

Whether you have a weight loss goal for a wedding, new job, vacation, or just because you want to lose weight, today we’re going to discuss how you achieve your goal…without exercise. Although it sounds crazy right now, allow us to explain because these tips will really help!

Limit Meals – In recent years, the rumor has been that we need to eat more frequently to boost metabolism, but studies have now shown this has no impact at all. Therefore, we recommend limiting your meal count to four to restrict calories and make it easier to track what you eat.

Raw Fruits/Vegetables – Before every meal, eat two raw fruits/vegetables and you’ll pre-line your stomach. Since they’re packed with fiber, you’ll only need a smaller meal to feel full.

Track Calories – Although this can be a little irksome, there are now apps and websites that make the whole process easier. If you do not see results, simply reduce your calorie intake, this is a sure way to weight-loss.

Drink Water Before Meals – Not only should you drink plenty of water, you should do so around 20 minutes before each meal. In a recent study, those who consumed water before a meal lost nearly 45% more weight.Weight loss

Limits Calories Per Meal – As we know, calories are the main determinant of weight loss even though metabolism and hormones play a role. If you can limit your four meals to 300 calories, this comes to 1,200 calories per day; 1,500 with the right fruit and vegetables.

Drink More Than Two Litres – In addition to before your meals, you should be drinking all day, and we recommend more than two liters. Not only can this boost your metabolism, but drinking water can also burn calories.

Limit Alcohol – Did you know that alcohol limits your weight loss ability? If you’re enjoying some company, go for red wine as opposed to anything else because it offers anti-aging benefits. Elsewhere, limit all champagne, beers, and spirits.

Fat-Burning Foods – To boost metabolism, there are actually some foods that’ll help so not all calories are equal. If you consume 150 calories in vegetables, this is very different to 150 calories in a cake.

Cook Yourself – When you take control of your eating habits, you know exactly what’s going into the meal. If you constantly eat out, it can be incredibly difficult to track calories.

Serious weight loss when you lose the sugar – Without cutting sugar completely, weight loss becomes tough. We aren’t just talking about table sugar, and we mean processed foods and all the fancy names manufacturers use to hide the ingredient in food AND drink.

Intermittent Fasting – If you haven’t heard of this trend, you’re only allowed to eat during an eight-hour window while fasting for the other 16 hours. Once again, it becomes easy to track calories, and you can reduce belly fat in no time.

Don’t Give Up I’ll work hard during the week and then start again on Monday; this is one of the most common statements among dieters. If you really want to lose weight without exercise, stick to the plan at ALL TIMES.

Regularly Weigh Yourself – Each morning, get into the habit of weighing yourself, so you remain motivated. As you reach the goal, make it less frequent, so you aren’t obsessing.

Watch Out for Drinks – With calorie-counting, people tend to focus on food while not realizing drinks can be just as dangerous. For example, you should be looking to avoid soda (and diet soda), beer, milk, fruit juice, and energy drinks.

And of course consider Exercise – Finally, while all these tips will certainly help you to lose weight, incorporating exercise to the mix because it allows you to boost metabolism, prevent muscle loss, control appetite, and strengthen the bones!