Let’s support our fellow LASER FOCUSED friend go to SPACE

Hey Guys!
If you remember in 2012 I went and TOUCHED THE SKY well today I want us to SUPPORT our fellow ‘LASER FOCUSED’ friend – Neil from Germany – Neil is taking part on a contest in Germany. One winner will be launched into SPACE!!!!!!

I’m supporting Niels to reach the stars! I voted for him! I would like for all of us to support him too.

So how can we help Niels to win this contest and support him on his way into space?

1st: Visit Niels profile on website of the Contest :
2nd: Be sure, that the open profile shows “Niels Weithofer”
3rd: Click on VOTES” button. A little form will pop up.
4th: Fill in your e-mail adress into the first field and fill out the 2nd textfield with the two words shown up. (Anti-spam captcha code)
5th: Click the “Votes” button at the bottom of the form and you’re done!
6th: Enjoy the awesome feeling that you helped someone come closer to their dreams!


Procrastination Kills

A year from now you will wish you have started today

This is so true. You need to step up and take small steps and just move forward. Even if its at a pace of a snail. Jumping all over the place wont get to your destination. Sitting on the couch kills! No more excuses. Procrastination kills – so that you will have no more regrets. TODAY!

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