Vita Freak Multivitamin Supplement – An Honest Review

As a Pharmafreak athlete I of course take a few of their products that meet my fitness and lifestyle needs. One of my staple supplements is the VITA FREAK Multi vitamin. Now let me tell you that this supplement actually is beneficial. While on my week climb on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania getting high-quality nutrition while on an
extended climb can be very challenging. VITA FREAK packs are an easy and
convenient supplement that one can pack and use while climbing/traveling.
VITA FREAK is designed to support every major system (immune, digestive,
cognitive, cardiovascular, etc). The VITA FREAK formula supports your
nutrition program by providing your body with the highest-quality vitamins,
minerals and mircro-nutrients. This is not only important during the climb
but also leading up to the climb (ensuring your body is in optimal health so
you can perform at your best).

No vitamins ever had an effect where I could actually feel a noticeable effect. I highly recommend this product – NO BULLSHIT!

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7 things you should be able to say about yourself

7 things you should be able to say about yourself

1. I am growing in to the best version of me.

2. I am making my time count.

3. I am honest with myself.

4. I am good to those I care about.

5. I am following my heart and intuition.

6. I take full accountability for my life.

7. I may not always be happy but grateful.

Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination is possible. Follow my highly recommended tips to get to more things that matter the most DONE!

1. If it does not have an end date you will likely procrastinate. Create a deadline and abide by it.

2. Become accountable or find someone to keep you accountable for your tasks. Instil fear.

3. Break your task into smaller bits. You will feel a sense of accomplishments as you get through one task to the next that will fuel you to the next one.

4. Add entertainment to your stressful tasks. Play music, do exercises in between, etc

5. Instill fear. Ask yourself how you will feel if you don’t get over this task?

These are a few tips if you genuinely follow that will knock down procrastination.

10 Things to do to make your life more Happier

Here are 10 things you can do to live a more rewarding life full of happiness.

1. Smile each hour

2. Help someone everyday

3. Walk away from drama and those that create it

4. Think positive and embrace challenges until it departs

5. Take action on things that need to be done

6. Put maximum effort towards something you truly believe in

7. Call someone that you haven’t spoke to in a while

8. Exercise and eat healthy regularly

9. Seek knowledge – always.

10. Give thanks for your breath

How to become a better You

Here is some few tips on how to become a better you almost instantly.


1. Ask someone if you could help them with something.

2. Write daily to-do tasks

3. Exercise

4. Go out of your way to do kind things (being genuine and not looking to be praised)

5. Learn new things everyday and recap these new information at the end of the day.

6. Be open to feedback

7. Reflect and create memories do not let the face pace life miss the opportunity to seize the moments.

Feel free to share with us what makes you a better person

Be Firm with your Dreams..

Your may cross people who have giving up on their goals and naturally have this tendency to knock others down. You need to be firm with your dreams and goals. This starts by being your best supporter. You must be your best cheerleader. Once you start talking negative to yourself, you eventually will believe these thoughts. You are your thoughts and why waste it with negative words when it will only bring you down. Once you are firm with yourself it will be easier to no let any other people talk you out of your dreams. Be firm. Promise to believe.