5 Habits Holding You Back From Success

5 Habits Holding you back from Success

Thoughtful Tuesday #11: 5 Habits Holding you back from Success

Today we discuss 5 habits that are holding you back from success

1. Doing things for recognition (WANTING APPROVAL)

2. Waiting for the right moment to start

3. Telling yourself the same old lousy story why you CANT

4. Continuing to be apart of an awful surrounding with low ambition (b/c you want to keep it real)

5. Saying YES to everything


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Thoughtful Tuesday #8: How to Be a Problem Solver

Thoughtful Tuesday #8: How to Be a Problem Solver


Your ability to achieve the things you desire in life is directly proportionate to how well you solve problems for others. Problem solving is one of the most highly valued characteristics you can have as a human being Hone this skill and you reap the benefits of saving time, making impact, generating funds, and executing big ideas. in today’s video ADAMwontLOSE (Adam Ali) shares how to shift your mindset to a more positive way of thinking that allows you to solve problems more effectively.

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Motivation for the Injured athlete

Motivation for the Injured athlete

It’s all about staying with your plan. Injuries happen but it doesn’t mean you quit!
In this video ADAMwontLOSE showcases what perseverances is all about when dealing with injury. Big shout out to Dr J of http://www.thehealthinstitute.ca/ for lending his expertise in rehabilitating athletes of all sports.

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(VIDEO) Your Limiting beliefs don’t matter

(VIDEO) Your Limiting beliefs don’t matter

Listen, all the weird, insecurities, fears and doubts about yourself does not deserve all your energy.
It doesn’t make you grand nor does it help with benefiting your world and the lives of others.
If you are obsessed on your weirdness, insecurities, fears and doubts you’re focusing on the small stuff.

Your limitations don’t matter!
Stop obsessing with it.
Stop giving it time or attention and energy
You got to give your time, attention, and energy to who you can become.
The mission you can commit and strive to accomplish.
THATS where you need to focus on.

Live into the person you can become
not live to continue to be that person that worries on all their limiting beliefs

Focus on what makes you extraordinary, remarkable, magnificent and moving forward!

what will make you extraordinary?

what will challenge you?
what will make you be the best person you can be?


Thoughtful Tuesday #5: How to handle the haters

Thoughtful Tuesday #5: How to handle the haters


Thoughtful Tuesday #5: How to handle the haters

Today we discuss on how to handle the haters and negative remarks being thrown at us. Watch today’s video to learn the script I use to handle naysayers.

The script: You know I am giving it a try, I am trying something new, what would you do in my position?

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The Workout Anthem Video

The Workout Anthem Video

The Workout Anthem Video
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The workout world needs an anthem that gets you fired up and ready to make progress. So here it is the WORKOUT ANTHEM. Listen to this song before or during your intense workouts.

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