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Creating Instantaneous Change

By: Dayne Gingrich (Coach D)!/CoachDayne

Reaching another level can be difficult, primarily because of how long
the process takes. Becoming an “overnight success” is only possible
after 10+ years of dedication towards your craft. This fact can be
tough to mentally grasp, especially in today’s society of instant
gratification. Very few will commit themselves to the long run, falsely
thinking their goals should immediately appear. Even though creating
long lasting improvement will always take incredible amounts of
patience, there are three things you can do right now that will bring
you instantaneous change.

Develop An Emotional Driving Force
Having goals and taking massive action towards them is important,
but without a strong reason behind those goals, it becomes easy to
give in to the impending struggle. Every highly successful person not
only knows why he’s pursuing his dreams, but is emotionally glued to
the reason from the inside-out. This intense driving force takes a
hopeful attitude, and reverts it to an unstoppable force. Wanting to
succeed is a great start, but deciding that nothing will stop you, no
matter how long it takes or how much pain you have to endure is
what will take you to another plateau. This decision, however, can’t
be cemented into your core belief system until you’ve answered one
important question: “Why am I doing it?” Until you look yourself in
the mirror and answer honestly, the difficulty of the process will
eventually stop your well-intentioned action. Until you dig deep and
emotionally connect to the reasons for withstanding all obstacles that
arise, success will just be a desire. This type of motivation can’t be
stopped – it comes from the heart, and is aimed directly at your
target. What’s your reason?

Raise The Bar
Maximizing success comes from raising your personal expectations.
The majority believe you should keep your expectations low,
reducing the amount of pain you’ll experience if you fail.

Your mind will only take you as far as you ask it to go, so if you ask for the
minimum, that’s exactly what you’ll get. We’re taught to believe limits
exist – this is only true if you decide they exist. If I raise my bar and
miss, I’ll still be at a higher level than the person who keeps his bar
low and attains. If you commit to raising your expectations, you’ll
begin to view your specifics through completely different lenses –
you’ll see possibilities, rather than constraints. When you dedicate
your mindset to reaching a level the majority believe is impossible,
you’ll feel a confidence you didn’t know existed. Create a passion
that’s committed to doing what the masses are unwilling to do … this
will always include elevating your bar on success.

Change Your Vocabulary
Your self-talk will instantly change your path and intensity behind
your growth. Reality is based on how you perceive each moment –
your thoughts and words determine this perception. Eliminate the
words, “hope,” “wish,” and “maybe” from your vocabulary. They’re
weak and noncommittal. Replace them with “I will” and “I am.” This
simple adjustment will dramatically change your mindset, giving you
an immediate feeling of power and confidence. We’re conditioned to
talk in a passive style, because the aggressive approach I
recommend creates risk and vulnerability. When we say, “I will
achieve my goal, guaranteed,” we leave ourselves open to the
possibility of failure. In order to counter this instinctively vulnerable
state, we learn to communicate with ourselves in a more docile, static
fashion: “I hope to achieve my goals” leaves us with the illusion of
moving forward, but produces a fearful mentality. Everything you say
creates an emotion, generating specific action. It’s this action that
secures results. In the end, all results are ultimately based on your
self-talk. Align what you say with the outcome you want.

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Adam Ali

Founder & Brand Lead at iWontLose
Adam Ali, Brand Leader of| The voice of dream-chasers.
Creating Change 2




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