The 10 Fitness Commandments by ADAMwontLOSE

The 10 Fitness Commandments according to ADAMwontLOSE

#1. Thou shall not compromise good form to lift heavier weights
#2. Thou shall wipe their sweat immediately off the surface
#3. Thou shall not sit on a machine in between sets
#4. Thou shall provide assistance to a fellow gym-goer
#5. Thou shall not socialize harder than training
#6. Thou shall keep clean hygiene and wear deodorant
#7. Thou shall not perform a bicep curl at the squat rack
#8. Thou shall not think they can out train a bad diet
#9. Thou shall return their weights after completion
#10.Thou shall not spend more time in the mirror than exercising

Got any commandments? let us know 🙂

Adam Ali, Brand Leader of | The voice of dream-chasers.

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  1. All of the things you come to see in the gym. what I hate the most are 3,5, 9,10! Thanks for putting up the good work and being so inspiring!

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