Weight training is an amazing training session to incorporate into your fitness plan if you want to see a substantial difference in how you look and your entire body at large. It has what it takes to help your body get the body right into the desired shape that you want. Just as how yoga helps enhance flexibility in your body, so also does weight lifting help with your stamina, cutting down fats, and even improving your joints fell alright.

It has to be said that there are numerous benefits of weight lifting to anybody but getting it right is what will bring about the benefits. But it is alarming that several newbies that dive into weight lifting do so with little or no knowledge about weight lifting. The truth is it is not all about lifting heavy, and the sooner you realize that the sooner you will save yourself from injury and harm. So, we’ve highlighted some of the mistakes beginners make when they are attempting weight training for the first time. Don’t feel bad if you come across one or two you’ve made along the way, that’s the point, everyone makes mistakes, what counts is learning from it.


Not having a guide from the beginning

You have come across a weight lifting programme online with no real explanation of their training protocol, and boom, the next thing you want to do is go to the gym and try it out all by yourself, sounds good right? Well, it is a lousy plan and one that could lead to problems for you. The thing is, you need a program that follows proven training protocols like Menstrong focuses on ensuring correct form, proper nutrition and supplementation, and mental strengthening practices.


Using social media influencers as your inspiration

Most beginners fall into the trap of following the advice of social media fitness influencers wholeheartedly, without verifying any of the advice. Most fitness influencers, although great at what they do, aren’t really qualified to be personal trainers. The lack the fundamental foundational knowledge to show people how to go about specific techniques. Take any advice on social media with a pinch of salt, and do yourself a favor by verifying any advice.


Comparing yourself with a pro

This is a single race for you and not a competition with anyone. Most people always try to compete with the toughest guy in the gym or using him/her as a benchmark. While setting realistic goals are right for you, trying to take every moment you spend in the gym as a competition, isn’t healthy for you.


Training starts and stops at the gym

This is a common mistake newbie make all the time. You don’t need the gym alone to hit your targets. Your home can be your workout studio just like the gym. Get yourself a couple of dumbbells, and a bench, and you are good to go.


Concentrating on just weight training

You want to be good at weight training, dial it down a notch and balance your fitness plan. Don’t just focus on weights alone, work on your cardio, and flexibility, and eat the right kind of meals as well. The combination of all of these will ensure you are in better shape to meet your weight training goals.

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