Here are 5 practical actions to take to help you with removing sadness.

We live in an ever-growing, busy world, and it can be easy to fall into a feeling of sadness and even misery. No matter how good you feel one day, life has a nature of being able to shoot you down soon after. So this begs the questions; is it possible to get rid of sadness? sadness - iwontlose2

In short, yes. However, we cannot completely remove it because it is a part of life that we cannot stop; what we can do though is change how it affects us. If we experience sadness, the only way that sadness will last for a long time is if we dwell on it and let it take over. This is why, as humans, we need to learn to get rid of sadness and respond to it with a more positive mindset.

Life WILL happen, and that means that you have to take the bad with the good; whether it is a personal loss, money troubles, career fatigue, or anything else, there are some ways in which you can better respond to sadness.

You Are The Boss – You have to realize that although life cannot be slowed down or altered in any way, you are still the boss of your timeline, and so you decide how to react to sadness. If you go for a job interview and fail, you can act as if it is the end of the world OR you can dust yourself off and give it another go after learning what mistakes were made.

sadness - iwontlose

Responsibility – Admitting a mistake can often make you feel as if you are ‘weak’ and that you have ‘failed’ but it doesn’t have to be like this. Admitting a mistake can make you feel stronger as you have learned a valuable lesson. The mistakes can actually be more beneficial than the successes as they can teach you a valuable lesson.

Bad Things Happen – As mentioned, nobody lives the perfect life. This is why you have to realize that sometimes no matter how good you have been, bad things will happen; just in the same way that the sun rises and sets every day. It is how we react that makes us great.

Stay Motivated – You cannot change the past nor the events that have put you in this situation; however, what you can change is your future. It is perfectly fine to have your moment of sadness but then you have to remember that the decisions you make now will shape your future. Stay motivated to ensure that you live the best future possible.

Live – That being said, you should also remember to live in the present too. We spend so much of our lives ‘looking forward’ to finishing school, finishing college, starting a job, finding a partner, building a family, our children going to school, etc., that we often forget about today. Learn to appreciate today; go and enjoy something in the moment.

Sadness is but another ‘inevitable’ occurrence in life, so we have to overcome it if we ever want to move forward and progress.

Adam Ali, Brand Leader of | The voice of dream-chasers.

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