It’s all about your values |

It’s all about your values


valuesIt is often said that it is how we react to hard times that defines us and this is an important thing to remember at every point throughout your life. There is nobody on the face of the earth that hasn’t had to endure some form of difficulty at one time or another, but it is how we react to these hard times that separate us.


Of course, on the one hand, we could let whatever it is get us down and dwell on the problem. However, this will not lead you to anywhere good as you will not be progressing but rather hanging on to the past. One of the best things to do during times of hardship is to reevaluate and strip everything right back down to basics. This is a practice that should be completed even when you are not currently in transition as it can help to put yourself back on the right path which is often, back towards your goal.


Figuring out your values


You should spend some time taking stock of your most important values and then work out a way to which you can revert to these before you stray too far away from who you are. Your values make up a strong part of who you are so it is important to stay close to them otherwise you start drifting away unnaturally. This exercise can bring two main benefits:


  1. You regain your sense of control and a more informed sense of direction.
  2. You can find the answers to questions that have been weighing you down. If we have a big life decision to make, we tend to look around us for the answers, but we would be much better equipped if we started from the inside instead.




Here, we have a little exercise that sums up the message written here and allows you to realize key values when we need them most.


  • Start by writing two different lists; one will be a list of values that you find important in general, and the other will be values that relate to your work life. If you need a little help, the internet is full of lists explaining the most common values.
  • Once you have this list, you are going to grab two sheets of paper and choose your favorite ten for each.
  • Even though you have ten strong values, you now need to cut this in half and choose five values that you are absolute, undeniably passionate about.
  • Next to each of these five values, write how you think you live within these values and describe any situations where you went against them.
  • If you managed to think of some ways you went against your values, flip the page and write down how you will fix this.
  • You now have your goals for the coming months.


Values are vital as they are unique, and they are part of the make-up of a person. You will very rarely find two people that have the same combination of values, and this is why exercises like this can be so important during hard times. Make sure you remember your values so you can go on to achieve whatever it is your desire!

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