How snoozing helps to boost productivity and weight loss

Sleep can be a strong ally when used rightly. Not only can it help you lose weight, but it can also enhance your productivity and energy levels. Proper sleep doesn’t just entail getting the maximum sleep as possible; it also involves getting as much quality sleep as you can.

Depriving yourself off quality sleep affects you on bought psychological levels and physical levels. You feel the impact on your brain, and this affects cognitive functions, and it also hormonal fluctuations. There persons that need 8 hours of sleep to function optimally, and others who require just 4 hours of sleep. Remember that when it comes to sleep, the quality is what counts, and not necessarily the quantity. Whether you sleep 8 hours a day, or more/less, the following tips will help increase your sleep quality;


Warm shower/bath before you sleep

Little changes in regards to your body temperature can affect your sleeping habits considerably. A warm bath just before you hit your bed increases your core body temperature for a given period of time before you step into a much colder room, where your body temperature drops. As small as the changes are, they help to provide the right internal environment that will ensure a night of much better sleep.


Keep technology aside

This is the age of technology, and most people will like to scroll themselves to sleep on their tablets and phones. Others will rather watch TV or play with their computers. These devices have a way of keeping you asleep. The light they emit, can alert your sleeping patterns, and keep you awake more than you bargained for. It is recommended that you don’t interact with these devices 30 minutes or more before your bedtime. If you can’t, there are some apps and tools that can kick in, and automatically adjust the screen setting of your phones, TV, and computer.


Reduce your caffeine intake.

For those who don’t know caffeine is a “no-no” before you sleep. Not only does it deprive you of sleep, but it also alters your sleeping pattern, keeping you awake all night in most cases. If you must take caffeine in any of its derivatives, do so only in the morning.


Utilizing the right supplements

There are various supplements that can help you get a quality night sleep. Most of these supplements have a positive effect on your body in varying manners, but they all work to ensure you get the best sleep. They interact with hormones and chemicals that regulate sleep in the body. Some of these supplements are; Melatonin, Ornithine, GABA, 5-HTP, L-Tryptophan, and L-Theanine

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