Tristan’s Body Transformation – Webisode 5

Tristan’s Body Transformation – Webisode 5

Webisode 5 – Tristan’s Body Transformation

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First of all I want to thank you again for tuning in with the webisode series on Tristan’s body transformation. All the feedback has been received and we appreciate it all – it makes a difference.

In this week’s Webisode of Tristan’s Body Transformation Tristan learns what it takes to PROGRESS. Tune in to figure out how to CRANK the notch up when you feel you aren’t making gains or you need a new approach to whatever you are doing.

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I am always ready to hear from you about your journey. I want your success just like I want Tristan’s. Feel free to e-mail me. I always respond back.


Motivation Presentation with WSI

I had the privilege to speak to an awesome group of employees. The presentation went well and I am thrilled to have received positive follow up e-mail from employees.

The WSI is a digital marketing agency. WSI aim is to help businesses elevate their online brand reputation, generate more leads through the Internet, tap into new revenue opportunities and take their profit potentials to higher levels.


I spoke to them about being a Top Performer and what it takes to be one. Top performers are all about making IMPACT and OVER-DELIVERING. They put the people around them in uncomfortable situations with the understanding that they want one another to grow. They focus on bringing VALUE to their customers. They are totally in tune with their work and are not into the business of whispering tear-downs of fellow workers in the lunch-room. They totally get that their real CURRENCY is their reputation and that work on building and enhancing that. By doing this the byproduct is always $$$. Look out for my video on TOP PERFORMER coming out this month.


Check out WSI if you want to learn how to take your business brand to that next level of expsosure and profit leads.




ads1233Adam Ali (@ADAMwontLOSE) is the founder of He is a fitness professional and a community worker based out of Toronto. However, provides world-wide services online. Connect with Adam for any matters related to this blog or his services.

Motivation: Tristan’s Body Transformation – Webisode 3 Video

Motivation: Tristan’s Body Transformation – Webisode 3

Motivation: Tristan’s Body Transformation – Webisode 3

First of all I want to thank you sincerely for tuning in with the webisode series on Tristan’s body transformation. The comments make a positive difference and fuels us to keep pushing even further – we see it all.

In this week’s webisode Tristan faces some challenges we can all relate to. We all know friends who can have a negative influence on us or be a burden to our achievements. Tristan learns what true friends are all about in this weeks webisode.

Your friends and circle of influence dictates almost 80% of your success. Always think about the value of your goal and whether you can truly afford a negative friend being a barrier to achieving that goal. Life is a series of decisions you make and every decision will result with an outcome. The winners in life are great decision makers. It all boils down to the decisions you make. Sometime decisions consist of making sacrifices, fighting resistance, and simply doing what must be DONE to get a head. Be a GREAT decision maker to do GREAT things.
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Fight Resistance


I have never heard anyone ever say that they regret doing a workout. So why don’t we do things we wont regret yet fall for things that make us regret? Guys and Gals we need to modify our thoughts so our actions can speak louder. Next time you feel like skipping a workout think about the value you are losing. Always think about what you could be missing out when making a decision. Resistance is an awful energy that floats around doing its best not to make you do positive things that could allow betterment. FIGHT RESISTANCE!

The 10 Fitness Commandments by ADAMwontLOSE

The 10 Fitness Commandments according to ADAMwontLOSE

#1. Thou shall not compromise good form to lift heavier weights
#2. Thou shall wipe their sweat immediately off the surface
#3. Thou shall not sit on a machine in between sets
#4. Thou shall provide assistance to a fellow gym-goer
#5. Thou shall not socialize harder than training
#6. Thou shall keep clean hygiene and wear deodorant
#7. Thou shall not perform a bicep curl at the squat rack
#8. Thou shall not think they can out train a bad diet
#9. Thou shall return their weights after completion
#10.Thou shall not spend more time in the mirror than exercising

Got any commandments? let us know 🙂

7 Choices winners make on a daily basis

7 Choices winners make on a daily basis

1. They maintain a positive attitude.
2. They ignore the naysayers.
3. They work with, and spend time with, the right people.
4. They take action
5. They embrace challenges and endure the pain.
6. They appreciate what they have.
7.  ***They don’t give up on the things they believe in.***

How training imitates life

Pushing yourself past your perceived limitations when training builds momentum to take into all other areas of your life.

This means doing that one extra rep, one extra set, one extra exercise when you are already at what you feel is your ‘breaking point’, will help prove that at least half the battle is mental. We build much more than just physical and physiological strength, we build mental grit and attitude. That attitude and character we develop transcends the gym we just left or the stairs we just climbed. We take that attitude and belief we have attained from pushing our mind and bodies into the rest of our lives.
Try this on the next workout you do. When you feel you are ‘done’ and you just can’t do any more, push yourself to do that one extra- it’s short term pain for major long-term reward, in all facets of your life!
Here is a clip from Adam Ali that just oozes perseverance and awe-inspiring internal motivation and drive.

His website is a great source of inspiration to help push yourself that little bit harder en route to greatness

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