Let’s support our fellow LASER FOCUSED friend go to SPACE

Hey Guys!
If you remember in 2012 I went and TOUCHED THE SKY well today I want us to SUPPORT our fellow ‘LASER FOCUSED’ friend – Neil from Germany – Neil is taking part on a contest in Germany. One winner will be launched into SPACE!!!!!!

I’m supporting Niels to reach the stars! I voted for him! I would like for all of us to support him too.

So how can we help Niels to win this contest and support him on his way into space?

1st: Visit Niels profile on website of the Contest :
2nd: Be sure, that the open profile shows “Niels Weithofer”
3rd: Click on VOTES” button. A little form will pop up.
4th: Fill in your e-mail adress into the first field and fill out the 2nd textfield with the two words shown up. (Anti-spam captcha code)
5th: Click the “Votes” button at the bottom of the form and you’re done!
6th: Enjoy the awesome feeling that you helped someone come closer to their dreams!


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Dear Hard Work – Get the Audio for only 0.99cents

Support the work of iWontLose and ADAMwontLOSE by purchasing the audio (comes with Lyrics) for only 0.99cents   BUY NOW—> http://goo.gl/6ImjZ

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You Don’t Want it Bad (Official Video)

*****YOU DON’T WANT IT BAD*******
You say you want it bad, prove it!
Please comment/share/subscribe/like.
This is my last video of the year.

For only .99cents you can now buy the audio and get motivated around the clock.

BUY it here–> goo.gl/PHLuA

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How to Feel Rich – Styles P

The Homies at feelrich.com interviewed EMCEE Rapper Styles P of The Lox/D-Block on his thoughts about healthy living. In my humble opinion I think he said the TRUTH. Weight in your thoughts.



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New Bodybuilding style video coming soon

Chris S, Winston Johnson, and ADAMwontLOSE

Just shot a workout routine video with these bodybuilders: my boy Chris “Live Young Dream Big” Spadafora and North America’s top natural bodybuilder, two time UFE PRO Champion, Winston Johnson!

Video coming soon

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Female Fitness Motivation Video coming soon

We shot a really motivating and fun female fitness video yesterday. We can’t wait to share it and get more females motivated. We are aiming for a November 25th 2012 Launch for this Video. Stay tuned. Follow @ADAMwontLOSE for all developments.

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Check out my freature on Passblog.org

Check out this short article on me on this positive BLOG called PASSBLOG.org


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