In the world today, one common belief is that people can’t change their character and attitude. What most people believe is that once you have a specific attitude or character, it stays with you all through your life. Such a belief system is flawed, and it is very far from the truth.

Everything in life is either creating or disintegrating, and this is a universal law that everything on earth follows including your attitude and character. So, in other words, your character or attitude can change if you want them to. The main reason why most individuals conform to a certain ideology is because of their habits. Put simply; a habit is a predetermined action that is carried out without any conscious mental efforts. This specific action has become a permanent fixture in our lives, that it just happens on its own whether or not we give any thought to it.

Our habits help us to manage life unconsciously. We become dependent on them that we rely on them to control our lives. This is the reason why several people believe that they cannot change no matter what happens. Such people believe that their habits define who they are. But you have to realize that your habit is only as strong as how you make them to be.

You can change your attitude this instance if you are willing to change, and we’ve identified three ways via which you can implement the change that you seek;

Create a new habit
This is where it starts from, if you intend to change your attitude, you first have to change your habits that form the foundation of that attitude. Pick a habit that you want to change, and consciously work your way to seeing that it changes. If the habit you want to change is lateness to meetings, then start arriving 30 minutes earlier.


Think different thoughts
If you want to change your life, first start by changing your thoughts. If you continuously focus on negative thoughts, you will usually attract negative actions into your life. The best way to live is to focus on positive thoughts constantly. When you change your thinking, you will see that your life will change as well because your mind has been reoriented from a flawed thought process to a more productive one.


Take on a new perspective
The way you see things affects the thoughts you have about such things. You give meaning to things based on how you perceive them. So, if you want to change your attitude or character, you can start by changing the way you view things.


Change can be instantaneous, and if you want to change your attitude and character, you can do so at this minute. You just have to decide first that you want to change, and ensure you commit to it. Continuously implement the new attitude you are learning, and in no time, your old attitude will be a thing of the past. Form a laser-focused mindset by joining menstrong.com today!



There are several things you could do that will dramatically add some meaning to your life.

Outlined below are 3 things that will dramatically change your life once you start doing them.


Create some personal boundaries, and ensure you abide by these boundaries. Do not create boundaries and fail to take responsibility for your actions, and do not create boundaries and take responsibility when other people misbehave. It would be ideal to make people understand that once you have set some boundaries, you would do anything within your powers to abide by these set boundaries.
Firm personal boundaries are vital because they tend to improve one’s self-esteem, happiness, reduce anxiety and stress. With your boundaries set, you would certainly get a life that is pretty much aligned closer to your priorities and that that of others. Additionally, you would be able to make your decisions based on your priorities. To ensure your boundaries aren’t weak, ensure you do not take too much responsibility for peoples actions and emotions and do not expect other people to take too much responsibility for your emotion and actions.
When you take on people’s responsibility, emotions and behaviors, all you are doing are trying to seek their love, approval, attention, and affection.



fitn body - iwontlose

Research has it that humans tend to behave better once they feel confident in themselves. I’m a firm believer in this scientific axiom, and I can eloquently attest to the fact that whenever I feel sure, all other aspects of my life feel better. Over the past few years, I have been opportune to deal with clients who think less of themselves, and after counseling them, they become more confident, more interesting, and they feel like trying out things they thought they could never do before and lots more.
With all that being said, I guess it’s high time we looked at the grand strategy you could adapt to building some reasonable confidence in you.


Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Identify what kind of body makes you proud
What kind of body makes you proud? What can you do with this body when you finally got it? You alone should be able to determine if your perfect body is just a body with some level of fitness, or a body similar to those of wrestlers, or those usually seen on magazine covers. Your ability to identify the kind of body that makes you proud is your first step in being confident.

Step 2: Identify the tradeoffs attached to getting that body you wish for
For instance, a good number of people love the idea of having six-pack abs, with some 90% percentage detesting what it takes to achieve these abs. As a result of this, these people have resulted in other alternative media to consume these belle fats by:
Passing some happy hours with your friends.
Getting to bed earlier.
Not eating late at night.

Placing themselves on diets.
Identifying these tradeoffs would go along way in assisting you.


Step 3: Derive simple strategies for creating this body
Most often it takes a lot of hard work to achieve success. Well, success doesn’t only come through hard work and perseverance; you could also achieve this through motivation, discipline and most importantly by deriving simple strategies. Derive simple strategies that will assist you in creating that body which you crave for. Similar to achieving set goals, building a body you are going to be proud of would certainly require some consistency, patience, and persistence.


Creating a daily routine isn’t just enough, but sticking to this routine is a lot better. Routine builds character. Pick positive tasks that will benefit you in the long run, for example:

7:00 am – workout

6:00 pm – dinner with the family

Also, chill out from doing everything!


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Top 5 Things To Quit ASAP!

Let’s QUIT some of these things ASAP!!

In life, we are always being told what we should improve, and we like to give you all tips on what to include in your life when it comes to your mindset; however, what about things we need to quit? As well as bringing the positives, you also need to remove the negatives so here are our top five!

The Fear of Change – We like to be comfortable in life, and sometimes, that means sticking to the status quo. Although we tell ourselves ‘I can change anytime I want to,’ we don’t actually do it unless necessary. However, change can be a good thing, and it is something we should all embrace a bit more. If you are constantly doing the same things, how will you ever discover your hidden talents and potential?

Top 5 Things To Quit ASAP! 1iwontlose.jpg” alt=”fear-of-change-iwontlose” width=”367″ height=”134″ />

Keeping Everyone Happy – Whether at work or in your personal life, it is impossible to keep everyone happy so stop trying. Often, we agree to plans knowing that they will be disrupting our own plans, we give in to make people happy, we agree to things we really don’t want to do, and more. Sometimes, you just have to say ‘no’ and put yourself first for once. You will not be able to live life keeping everyone happy because while you spin all those plates, guess who won’t be happy…you!

be happy - iwontlose

Thinking Too Much – One of the biggest factors that hold us all back are worries, and you need to learn to stop overthinking and instead, start taking action. For example, what is the point of being worried about failure? All that will do is guarantee that you won’t succeed because you won’t even try. If you try, at least you are giving it your best shot. We spend half our life worrying about what people might think, about failure, about our previous mistakes, but you need to overcome this to move forward.

Looking In The Rear-View Mirror – You would never drive a car looking in the rear-view mirror so why do we live our lives constantly looking backward? If you keep looking back at all the failures you have made, you will never have the opportunity to put it right and progress right now. What happened in the past has gone, there is no way you can change it so start looking at the now and the future instead.

Although we mainly choose to look back at failures, looking back at ‘what used to be’ can be equally damaging. Again, maybe you have had some good times but you need to focus on the now otherwise your future will suffer.


Not Taking Credit – From a very early age, we are taught to be humble, and this is a great asset to have. However, when you have done something well, and you are receiving praise, enjoy the moment and take credit for your success. Of course, you need to remain humble to a point, but you still need to accept praise and be proud!



Lately, it’s becoming easier to become more and more negative to ourselves. It doesn’t help that at the same time being told that it is obnoxious to like or even love ourselves. It is so easy to hold on to failure and to start playing the blame game but it is vital that you begin liking yourself. How can we truly like other people or progress in life if we don’t value our own qualities?

Here are 3 sure ways to help you begin liking yourself (even more):

1. Take Some Time -Wtime iwontlosehy not try some things by yourself? Go for a walk, watch a film, treat yourself to dinner; whatever it may be, make sure you have fun. Every now and then, forget about what you are wearing, your hair, your makeup, etc, and just take some time for yourself. You work hard and someone should reward you for that but who is that person? YOU!

2. It’s fine to compliment yourself – Instead of looking in the mirror and noticing what you don’t like, point out all the things you do like. Make sure you practice this often and always remember that it’s okay to get into the habit of complimenting yourself.  Do not forget to remember that mistakes will happen, they happen to every single person on. When they do occur, you don’t have to beat yourself up and let it ruin your day. Stay calm, notice where you went wrong and what you can do to ensure it doesn’t happen again and move forward. Be nice to yourself always and don’t rely on others to congratulate you for something, you could be waiting a long time. Instead, give yourself a pat on the back.


3. The Past Has Gone – There is no point dwelling on the past because it has gone and there is nothing you can do to change what has happened. What you can change is what is right in front of you. As long as you learn from yesterday, you can move forward happily into tomorrow. We have a habit of focusing on the things we don’t like about ourselves, why not focus on what you like instead? Think about what you are known for in your family or group of friends and leave the past in the past where it belongs.

Ultimately, it can become all too easy to compare ourselves to other people but we are all unique and we all have our special qualities. We don’t have to wait for someone to compliment us on a job well done or to treat us, we can do it ourselves. Why not start today? begin liking yourself every day.

Creating Change

Creating Instantaneous Change

By: Dayne Gingrich (Coach D)

Reaching another level can be difficult, primarily because of how long
the process takes. Becoming an “overnight success” is only possible
after 10+ years of dedication towards your craft. This fact can be
tough to mentally grasp, especially in today’s society of instant
gratification. Very few will commit themselves to the long run, falsely
thinking their goals should immediately appear. Even though creating
long lasting improvement will always take incredible amounts of
patience, there are three things you can do right now that will bring
you instantaneous change.

Develop An Emotional Driving Force
Having goals and taking massive action towards them is important,
but without a strong reason behind those goals, it becomes easy to
give in to the impending struggle. Every highly successful person not
only knows why he’s pursuing his dreams, but is emotionally glued to
the reason from the inside-out. This intense driving force takes a
hopeful attitude, and reverts it to an unstoppable force. Wanting to
succeed is a great start, but deciding that nothing will stop you, no
matter how long it takes or how much pain you have to endure is
what will take you to another plateau. This decision, however, can’t
be cemented into your core belief system until you’ve answered one
important question: “Why am I doing it?” Until you look yourself in
the mirror and answer honestly, the difficulty of the process will
eventually stop your well-intentioned action. Until you dig deep and
emotionally connect to the reasons for withstanding all obstacles that
arise, success will just be a desire. This type of motivation can’t be
stopped – it comes from the heart, and is aimed directly at your
target. What’s your reason?

Raise The Bar
Maximizing success comes from raising your personal expectations.
The majority believe you should keep your expectations low,
reducing the amount of pain you’ll experience if you fail.

Your mind will only take you as far as you ask it to go, so if you ask for the
minimum, that’s exactly what you’ll get. We’re taught to believe limits
exist – this is only true if you decide they exist. If I raise my bar and
miss, I’ll still be at a higher level than the person who keeps his bar
low and attains. If you commit to raising your expectations, you’ll
begin to view your specifics through completely different lenses –
you’ll see possibilities, rather than constraints. When you dedicate
your mindset to reaching a level the majority believe is impossible,
you’ll feel a confidence you didn’t know existed. Create a passion
that’s committed to doing what the masses are unwilling to do … this
will always include elevating your bar on success.

Change Your Vocabulary
Your self-talk will instantly change your path and intensity behind
your growth. Reality is based on how you perceive each moment –
your thoughts and words determine this perception. Eliminate the
words, “hope,” “wish,” and “maybe” from your vocabulary. They’re
weak and noncommittal. Replace them with “I will” and “I am.” This
simple adjustment will dramatically change your mindset, giving you
an immediate feeling of power and confidence. We’re conditioned to
talk in a passive style, because the aggressive approach I
recommend creates risk and vulnerability. When we say, “I will
achieve my goal, guaranteed,” we leave ourselves open to the
possibility of failure. In order to counter this instinctively vulnerable
state, we learn to communicate with ourselves in a more docile, static
fashion: “I hope to achieve my goals” leaves us with the illusion of
moving forward, but produces a fearful mentality. Everything you say
creates an emotion, generating specific action. It’s this action that
secures results. In the end, all results are ultimately based on your
self-talk. Align what you say with the outcome you want.