Female Fitness Motivation
iWontLose features Emily Meiser of Fit Em Fitness

This is part 3 of the Female Fitness Motivation series.
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Emily Meiser

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Food’s to Eat and Avoid during your menstruation period

menstrualManaging your menstruation cramps can be easier if you know what type of foods to eat and foods to avoid. Here is the list of foods to support you.

Food that support you:-

1. Magnesium-rich items such as spinach and whole grants and foods with omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, sardines, flax seeds) will help manage your nerves.

2. Drink your water. Yes you may feel bloated but its only because your body has a mechanism of holding water because it doesnt feel you will drink any. Drinking water alleviates bloating.

3. Consume iron-rich foods this is extremely important because you lose so much blood during your period. Iron rich foods include: spinach, dates, beans and meat. However, eat these foods in moderation.

4. Eat potassium rich food such as bananas, cranberries and other fresh fruit may help reduce bloating.

Foods to avoid:-

1. Caffeine intake can increase bloating and dehydration. It also elevates the level of estrogen in your body, increasing the symptoms of menustation. Eliminate drinking coffee, teas, and energy drinks. Dark chocolate in very small amounts is fine.

2. Easy on the sugar. Foods with sugar can make you feel lazy and sluggish. Sugar can also cause rapid mood swings. Stay away from sugary foods such as pastries, candies, and sugary drinks.

3. Fatty Foods/Fried Foods such as meat, full-fat dairy, deep-fried foods and oils all increase estrogen levels.  Majority of fats will drive estrogen levels up and it doesn’t matter if it’s animal fat or vegetable oil. Keeping estrogen levels stable means that changes in the uterus are not so dramatic, which will reduce cramps and pain. (source: Neal Bernard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)

4. Salty foods should certainly be avoided as much as possible. Salt increases water retention. Foods you should avoid are fast food and of packaged/processed foods which are both high in salt.

Bottom line you need a well balanced diet to really manage your PMS symptoms. Keep your diet light and balanced during your periods. Heavy food is simply going to make you feel sluggish and cause mood swings. Ensure to take your multivitamins. If you need support around your nutrition consider getting our affordable and effective customized nutritional program.

Female Fitness Motivation 2

Female Fitness Motivation 2

Female Fitness Motivation 2
This one is for the females. Females who go hard and handle their business in and out of the gym. Check out Female Fitness Motivation 1 if you haven’t seen it yet — http://youtu.be/caJtU3gsvoQ
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