Motivation: Tristan’s Body Transformation – Webisode 3 Video

Motivation: Tristan’s Body Transformation – Webisode 3

Motivation: Tristan’s Body Transformation – Webisode 3

First of all I want to thank you sincerely for tuning in with the webisode series on Tristan’s body transformation. The comments make a positive difference and fuels us to keep pushing even further – we see it all.

In this week’s webisode Tristan faces some challenges we can all relate to. We all know friends who can have a negative influence on us or be a burden to our achievements. Tristan learns what true friends are all about in this weeks webisode.

Your friends and circle of influence dictates almost 80% of your success. Always think about the value of your goal and whether you can truly afford a negative friend being a barrier to achieving that goal. Life is a series of decisions you make and every decision will result with an outcome. The winners in life are great decision makers. It all boils down to the decisions you make. Sometime decisions consist of making sacrifices, fighting resistance, and simply doing what must be DONE to get a head. Be a GREAT decision maker to do GREAT things.
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