Can working out be fun?

One of the things people give as the reason why they don’t exercise is that it is not fun, it is stressful, and it can be tedious. Well, such people couldn’t be more wrong. Exercising can genuinely be fun and amazing if you want it to be. Whether it is a regular workout plan, or a fitness training program, exercising can be fun if you choose to make it such.

The best way to make your workout plan effective and interesting is by setting up a routine that you can follow up. There are varieties of ways via which you can create a regular exercise routine to help you achieve your shredded body, and work out goals. What’s more, these routines can be fun. The truth is that when you turn your workout routines into fun and exciting routines, they become something that you enjoy, and you look forward to all the time. The following are five ways to work out and have fun while doing it.


Start small

Just pick one workout plan for a week, and make sure you commit yourself to it. Don’t make your workout routines complex, and don’t try and sandwich so much into your plan. You will only find the entire process stressful, and it might bump you out. Simply select that one activity for that week, and go with it. Just make sure what you choose is entirely your decision, and ensure it isn’t strenuous.


Select a day to workout and go with it

Check your schedule, and check out when will be the most convenient time for you to work those muscles. You might prefer Saturday morning, or evening, even at lunch hour on Wednesday. It doesn’t really matter when, just go with a day that fits into your plan, and stick to it. Irrespective of the day or time you pick, ensure you follow it through every week.


Once you commit, no going back

Stick to your fitness training plan, and don’t slack. It can be very tempting to miss a workout day here and there, but ultimately, it might not be advisable. It will not only dampen your goals, in the end; it will also prevent you from building up much-needed momentum. Committee to your daily, and weekly targets, and don’t look back.


Don’t be distracted

You don’t want to let anything come between you and your fitness training plans. Consistency is vital if you’re going to have a shredded body. Don’t allow anything to interrupt your schedule, and never compromise with your health. Your workout days should be your priority, and you should make your plans with that in mind. Once you start to compromise with your workout plan, you will continually find reasons to compromise. Remember, create a plan, and stick to it.


Reward yourself

It is great to tell yourself well done after a good workout session. Remember you are your number one fan, so commend yourself, and give yourself a pat on the back. You can give yourself a healthy smoothie, or protein shake, as a form of well done. It is always a good idea to give yourself a reason to go on. Rewards can be beneficial in the short and long term.


Don’t buy into people that say exercise is boring and bleak. It can be fun for you if you know how to go about it. The knowing the way to work out, and have fun when you do it will make you achieve your fitness goals quicker. Implement the strategies above and start reaping the amazing results. Need a workout program? head down to Menstrong.com they have programs on sale right now for only $9.99 (one time fee!)

Tristan’s 12 weeksTransformation

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Should Kid’s train?

Should Kid’s train?

Yes! Kid’s need organized play to really develop and master fundamental movements. Such fundamental movements include:

– Jumping

– Throwing

– Kicking

– Running, etc

These are just a few examples of fundamental movement skills that should be used in organized Play. So far I’ve used the word ‘organized’ twice and there is a significant reason for that. When it’s organized it can be tracked and measured and their is a goal set around ensuring the kid develops these active skills – correctly. Another benefit of it being organized is that the adult allows instant modification or adjustments of the movement to be executed correctly. This prevents injuries and allows skills to be acquired and progress smoother. Get kid’s training and help them build fundamental movement skills that will form the base for an active life for LIFE.

Here is a basic video with great activities for kids to develop fundamental movements skills in a controlled/organized environment