Motivation: Time is of the Essence

Motivation: Time is of the Essence

Thanks for watching this video. We just wanted to show you that we all have 24hours and it’s up to YOU to make the best out of it. Always remember that good things come to those who wait but greater things come to those who chase. No one will feel sorry for you so get up and get what’s yours!!

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Success Vs Achievement

Success Vs Achievement

-The Great Debate-



It’s fairly easy for people to confuse success and achievement, or rather to consider them to be the same thing. If you achieve something, you have succeeded; and if you feel successful it means you have a laundry list of things you’ve achieved or acquired to show for it. Right?




Achievement and success are two, entirely different things. In fact, in many instances, you could arguably have one without the other.


Tangible Versus Intangible


The first difference between achievement and success is the tangible versus the intangible.


When a person has an achievement, it’s something very tangible. It’s a thing they can point to and say “hey, look at what I did.” By contrast, success is more a state of mind. It’s intangible – more a thought or a feeling, of having done something worth while or with value.


This very philosophical difference between achievement and success can sometimes entangle people in misunderstanding for years; only to wake up one day and realize that the two are separate, and sometimes success has not truly been attained in spite of a laundry list of achievements.


What Versus Why


The next very real, and also philosophical, delineation between achievement and success is in the ‘what’ versus the ‘why.’


When someone wants to achieve something, it’s always a what. I want to achieve a nice car. I want to achieve a promotion at my job. They are always very specific, as we said tangible, things – making the motivation behind them still very material. ‘WHAT did you want?’ is the question asked after an achievement has been made.


But when someone is in it to succeed, it isn’t a matter of what they want, rather why they want it.


Why Getting the ‘What’ In Sight of the ‘Why’ Wins


To be clear: ‘why’ – or success – does not always win. There are people in this world who never truly know success, in spite of all the tangible achievements and wealth in the world. They may know it, they may not – but all the ‘what’s in the world mean nothing if there is no deeper reason for having done it all.


And vice versa: having this feeling of success, of knowing ‘why’ you work towards the goals you work towards means absolutely nothing if you cannot produce a single, tangible thing to show for it.


This is why getting the ‘what’ – the achievement – in sight of the ‘why’ – the success – wins. It’s that ability to achieve great things, while at the same time keeping focus on why you are doing any of it, that makes a person a great leader, and a well-rounded individual.


So while it may not be a true debate, or disagreement, between success and achievement (after all, how can it be a debate if you want the two to work together, in harmony?); it certainly is important to understand the distinction between the two for the sake of having a balanced philosophy of life and happiness.

(Animation Video) 7 Steps to Success

(Animation Video) 7 Steps to Success

Here at we’ve prepared a cool animation video to enlighten what it takes to succeed no matter what your goals are. We get tons of emails from supporters on questions related to goal setting and character and I thought I make this video to shed some light on the topic of success

1. Write your goals and plans
2. Work HARDER and SMARTER and get out of your comfort zone
3. Trust your struggle and understand that the pain you are going through will one day make sense
4. never compare your progress with anyone else.
5. Stay laser focused with your eye on the prize
6. Stay consistent and show up everyday!
7. Stay positive and dont talk negative to your self


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No Matter The Season
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No matter the season you have to show up and do what needs to be done to get to your goals. Here’s a short motivation video aimed to get you pumped up to attack your goals. Do it now!.

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iWontLose used for empowering

iWontLose used for empowering 

It’s always a humbling experience to learn that people see value in what you do. This marketing agency used the iwontlose brand as an motivational tool in building employee moral and creating a working spirit to push for greater success – together.

photo 3

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iwontlose has always been about empowering and igniting people within to be relentless in their life pursuits.

Stay Hungry


If you really want it you better STAY HUNGRY! Be laser-focused and you will achieve. Sounds cheesy but it’s the only way big things have been achieved. #stay hungry #laserfocused

3 Productive Apps for achieving goals

3 Productive Apps for achieving goals

I am all about setting systems and letting them work for me. This allows me to focus on what matters the most to me in life. ACHIEVING and Making IMPACT. Here is 3 applications you can use to become almost instantly more productive and efficient. Automate your life and focus on the bigger things.


1. Remember the Milk

An amazing to do list that you can integrate with your G-mail account.

Remember The Milk


2. 43 Things

Simply list your goals, set how often you would like to be reminded of it and share them with your friends on social network. Huge accountability component with this one.



3. SeeGoal

SeeGoal is the easiest and fastest way to finally move all your goals, projects and assignments, forward.


Try these apps to take your productivity to another level. let us know about apps you use.