By now you probably know how that one of motto is being LASER FOCUSED. I talk about it all the time because with being laser focused comes a huge increase in productivity which is KEY. Productivity is more valuable than being simply busy. I was scrolling on Pinterest and I found this wicked infographic and I knew I had to share it with you. These tips are from brands/people that totally understand all about PRODUCTIVITY. Here is 33 Productive tips. Cheers!



5 Ways to Live to Your Fullest Potential


1. Embracing Your Imagination

In order to attain your goals you have to first imagine attaining it and living it. Living in wonder allows you to create a positive environment in your mindset where the thought of reaching your goals is possible. Embracing your imagination gives yourself permission to go out there to achieve your goals. Live your thoughts into existence!


2. Be Laser Focused

Being “laser” focused creates urgency within oneself to bring something into fruition, sooner, rather than later – and the idea of not doing it, or putting it off, becomes unthinkable. When something becomes such a huge part of you, it becomes very hard to detach from it because it literally gets ingrained in the networks in your brain. When you start to bring a dream alive, it becomes such a massive part of you that the fear of not making it happen grows and spreads, ramped around your mind quite effortlessly. The more you can intentionally create and be conscious of things that move you to action, the better equipped you’ll be to create the results you’re committed to.


3.) Stay Consistent

“Everyone claims they work hard but not everyone is consistent”.

Being consistent is all about sticking with a plan even though the results are not appearing immediately. Being consistent requires mental toughness and sometimes involves making sacrifices which  is never easy, but the more positively consistent you become, the easier sacrifices will get. The ones who never gave up are the ones who succeeded.


4.) Build Up Will Power

The idea of will power might be better understood by imaging a rainbow after a storm. Let’s face it, the majority of our experiences in life are not easy, especially when it comes to being successful. The struggles we are faced with during our ascend to the top can really test our determination. We may also be challenged by our own demons, which can include lack of focus or lack of long term thinking. You must earn your will power by having a strong sense of self discipline that can only get better over time. In this life, we are given the power of choice and the choices we make dictate our future, which is why will power is such an important trait to possess.


5.) Obtain Your Absolute Best in Health and Fitness

Your health is your #1 Investment and asset. Do your absolute best to ensure peak performance of your health, fitness, and wellness. You’re going to spend a whole lot of time in your body might as well make it a comfortable home. Here are some quick tips for optimal health performance:

– Exercise at least 5x/week for minimum 30mins.

– Eat a balanced diet that consist protein, fats, and minimal carbs.

– Aim for 7-9 hrs of sleep everyday

– Manage your stress levels by looking at the brighter side of any situation.

– Laugh as much as possible – everyday!


Let’s support our fellow LASER FOCUSED friend go to SPACE

Hey Guys!
If you remember in 2012 I went and TOUCHED THE SKY well today I want us to SUPPORT our fellow ‘LASER FOCUSED’ friend – Neil from Germany – Neil is taking part on a contest in Germany. One winner will be launched into SPACE!!!!!!

I’m supporting Niels to reach the stars! I voted for him! I would like for all of us to support him too.

So how can we help Niels to win this contest and support him on his way into space?

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6th: Enjoy the awesome feeling that you helped someone come closer to their dreams!