A simple life is a good life..

Most people think that life is hard. One of the major issues we have is that we want to know the possibilities of every decision we make. We like to have the solution to anything we do before we begin. But then again, life is not as complex as we make it to be; it is elementary, especially when you dealing with things right away. To find your own path, and embrace life, the following principles below will do you a lot of good;

  • Trust the process
  • Don’t resist
  • Listen to your friend

We have what it takes inside of us to get the life that we want. We have the potential for us to get what we want. Thus the question, we are me so mediocre?


We’ve all been programmed to think and act in a particular way. To get the life that we want, we first have to rid ourselves of our limiting vision, and distractions. It is only when we do this that you can see real-life opportunities in front of you. Detach yourself from your past, and embrace what is in front of you.

Live in the present, and not in the past. Use your critical thinking to make the right decisions that will help you unleash your true power. This will allow you to make the right decisions on a consistent basis.


We are guided by fear without even knowing it. There are lots of fears that we operate on. Some of these fears include; fear of regrets, unknown, success/failure, unknown, and lots more.

Don’t allow fear to control your decision making; it will only lead you into making the wrong decision. Don’t be afraid to take risks. On your part to personal growth, and freedom, you will need to take lots of risk-taking actions, and they do not require fear.


An invincible force controls the world. Some refer to it as God, others refer to it as the universal mind and so on. We can all tap into this force using our mind. Create the vision with the mind, and then have the faith it will come to pass. As long as you can believe it, you can achieve it. Never limit yourself because of your surroundings, and what people say about you.

Risk Aversion

The greatest achievers in the world have all started by taking risks and stepping out of their comfort zone. Don’t over think it, as long as you feel it is the right thing to do, go ahead and do it.

As long as what you want to do aligns with who you really are, the universe makes provisions for it to come to pass.

Absence of self-awareness

What brings everything we’ve said into actualization is self-awareness. In the absence of it, you will be controlled by your fears.

Understand that you are a person on a course to achieve greatness. Don’t look at the past, look at yourself now, and see the direction you headed.


The 5 Enemies of Success

Want to get to the top of the mountain? Well, there will be tons of internal and external battles to be faced. Here are 5 enemies of success

Over the years, we have seen numerous tips for what needs to be done to see success. However, what about the factors that will prevent success from coming? We have five of the most important enemies you will need to overcome in the near future!

Negative self-talk – Of course, we sometimes say things to ourselves that could be extremely damaging. We should only be harsh to ourselves if it motivates us to charge forward. Anything that causes you to stop is a success killer. Negative self-talk is almost as bad as someone with someone with an inflated ego

Furthermore, you are more likely to be destroyed when you lose or make a mistake. Suddenly, you start to doubt your own ability and whether you were wrong to ever have confidence in yourself in the first place. If you manage your self-talk correctly, you should be able to bounce back whenever necessary.

Doubt – to bounce back after a failure, you need two things – confidence and an ability to remove doubt. Often, it is a combination of these two factors that help you to progress. For many people each year, they put off doing something new because they doubt their ability or doubt that their idea is viable even though they have planned it carefully. If you have this mindset, you are never going to make the jump required to make progress.

In truth, doubt can be a difficult one to remove because it seems to be ingrained in our minds. However, you will soon get there as long as you continue to work towards your goals. Over time, you will learn to ignore the doubt completely. If this isn’t possible at first, the goal should be to replace it with more positive thoughts.

Procrastination/Stagnation – Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or just a couple of steps from the top, it becomes very easy to procrastinate or stagnate. When you procrastinate, you find every excuse possible to not do your work and stagnation is similar in that you stand still instead of making progress.

In the beginning, it is hard to get started because you have the lack of belief and the doubt. However, you are never going anywhere unless you learn to take the first step. When you start to see some success, it then becomes convincing to stand still and stop working, but you need to remember your dreams. As long as you keep moving, you will be making progress so remember this.

Ego – When you feel a little unworthy, the doubt starts to creep into the mind and this leads to stagnation. On the other hand, your ego can also be an enemy because it leads to overconfidence and you start to become naive to the challenges ahead. In your business, you need to create relationships with customers, colleagues, employees, and suppliers, Sadly, a big ego leads to a sense of self-importance which makes these relationships tough to get started and even tougher to maintain.

Poor Timing – Finally, we have poor timing which, at first, seems like a factor you can’t control. When you look a little deeper, though, it often comes as a result of the things we have seen today – overconfidence, doubt, and generally taking too long or rushing into decisions. Eventually, you need to master timing and realize when opportunities are right in front of your eyes.

There we have it, five enemies, that you will need to overcome to see success. As long as you stay mindful of these 5 negative traits you have a far b vetter chance of landing success and keeping it! There is no reason why you can’t push forward and achieve your goals!



Lately, it’s becoming easier to become more and more negative to ourselves. It doesn’t help that at the same time being told that it is obnoxious to like or even love ourselves. It is so easy to hold on to failure and to start playing the blame game but it is vital that you begin liking yourself. How can we truly like other people or progress in life if we don’t value our own qualities?

Here are 3 sure ways to help you begin liking yourself (even more):

1. Take Some Time -Wtime iwontlosehy not try some things by yourself? Go for a walk, watch a film, treat yourself to dinner; whatever it may be, make sure you have fun. Every now and then, forget about what you are wearing, your hair, your makeup, etc, and just take some time for yourself. You work hard and someone should reward you for that but who is that person? YOU!

2. It’s fine to compliment yourself – Instead of looking in the mirror and noticing what you don’t like, point out all the things you do like. Make sure you practice this often and always remember that it’s okay to get into the habit of complimenting yourself.  Do not forget to remember that mistakes will happen, they happen to every single person on. When they do occur, you don’t have to beat yourself up and let it ruin your day. Stay calm, notice where you went wrong and what you can do to ensure it doesn’t happen again and move forward. Be nice to yourself always and don’t rely on others to congratulate you for something, you could be waiting a long time. Instead, give yourself a pat on the back.


3. The Past Has Gone – There is no point dwelling on the past because it has gone and there is nothing you can do to change what has happened. What you can change is what is right in front of you. As long as you learn from yesterday, you can move forward happily into tomorrow. We have a habit of focusing on the things we don’t like about ourselves, why not focus on what you like instead? Think about what you are known for in your family or group of friends and leave the past in the past where it belongs.

Ultimately, it can become all too easy to compare ourselves to other people but we are all unique and we all have our special qualities. We don’t have to wait for someone to compliment us on a job well done or to treat us, we can do it ourselves. Why not start today? begin liking yourself every day.