A simple life is a good life..

Most people think that life is hard. One of the major issues we have is that we want to know the possibilities of every decision we make. We like to have the solution to anything we do before we begin. But then again, life is not as complex as we make it to be; it is elementary, especially when you dealing with things right away. To find your own path, and embrace life, the following principles below will do you a lot of good;

  • Trust the process
  • Don’t resist
  • Listen to your friend

We have what it takes inside of us to get the life that we want. We have the potential for us to get what we want. Thus the question, we are me so mediocre?


We’ve all been programmed to think and act in a particular way. To get the life that we want, we first have to rid ourselves of our limiting vision, and distractions. It is only when we do this that you can see real-life opportunities in front of you. Detach yourself from your past, and embrace what is in front of you.

Live in the present, and not in the past. Use your critical thinking to make the right decisions that will help you unleash your true power. This will allow you to make the right decisions on a consistent basis.


We are guided by fear without even knowing it. There are lots of fears that we operate on. Some of these fears include; fear of regrets, unknown, success/failure, unknown, and lots more.

Don’t allow fear to control your decision making; it will only lead you into making the wrong decision. Don’t be afraid to take risks. On your part to personal growth, and freedom, you will need to take lots of risk-taking actions, and they do not require fear.


An invincible force controls the world. Some refer to it as God, others refer to it as the universal mind and so on. We can all tap into this force using our mind. Create the vision with the mind, and then have the faith it will come to pass. As long as you can believe it, you can achieve it. Never limit yourself because of your surroundings, and what people say about you.

Risk Aversion

The greatest achievers in the world have all started by taking risks and stepping out of their comfort zone. Don’t over think it, as long as you feel it is the right thing to do, go ahead and do it.

As long as what you want to do aligns with who you really are, the universe makes provisions for it to come to pass.

Absence of self-awareness

What brings everything we’ve said into actualization is self-awareness. In the absence of it, you will be controlled by your fears.

Understand that you are a person on a course to achieve greatness. Don’t look at the past, look at yourself now, and see the direction you headed.


4 Ways to Stay Truly Motivated

4 Ways to Stay Truly Motivated

Exile Negative Thinking

5 Ways to Stay Truly Motivated

Once you set a target, forget about who you are or where you are from, the number one difficulty you will surely face is yourself. You begin to have negative thoughts on how difficult it is for you to achieve something. It’s important you are not influenced by personal feelings or opinion; however, you should not give unreasonable negative thoughts the chance to lead you. You remain the decider and each time you make a decision, no negative thought should be allowed to interfere.

Stay far away from Naysayers

5 Ways to Stay Truly Motivated

It already seems like a difficult task when you try not to allow your mind interfere in your plans, however, another challenge you can face in your life is a set of people who keeps predicting negatively, they keep telling you why you can’t do this, or why you can’t do that. I call them prophets of doom. These set of people are the same reason behind many idea failures today. These people are poisonous and will try to stop you from reaching your goal. Once you realize they have no positive impact, then you must let go of them and welcome people with positive mindset who can help you achieve your goals.

Be of High Quality

You want to keep doing what you know how to do best, however, instead of pursuing your potential in a straight manner, try to keep learning even though you are good at it. Do things that make you better and over the time make you the best.

Focus on your Reason

5 Ways to Stay Truly Motivated

More often, when you are struggling to achieve a goal, you do that because you have an ultimate goal in mind. You should let this ultimate goal be in the leading position of your mind all the time. The reason you started working in direction to your goal is because of the advantages that follows when you accomplish it. If you keep thinking about it, you remain motivated.