The Power of PASSION PART 1

 The Power of PASSION PART 1


Passion is….

Strong and barely controllable emotion

I have grown to understand the importance of passion as it relates to health and fitness. When someone asks me why I live the way I live the answer is; I have a deep passion or strong barely controllable desire to continually grow, not just in muscle size lol, and challenge myself. Life would not be fun without it.

When trying to embrace health and fitness, passion is not needed immediately but it must to be acquired to consistently live that lifestyle.

One must identify with the driver behind why you want to live a healthier lifestyle, asking yourself, “What is it that I AM TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH. That goal has to be measurable or there is no way to determine your progress. Once one identifies why they want to embrace health and fitness and what they are looking to get out of it, the kindle of passion begins to spark. You work towards these goals and begin to accomplish little wins like:

-Loose 5 pounds

-Don’t smoke for a week

-Don’t eat junk food for 2 weeks

-Only have a few drinks at the party

Passion for those feelings, for those little wins is what is going to keep you going when you come up to that 2-month (“oh everyone quits here”) mark. Or when you are 23 weeks deep into a diet, with 7 weeks left before a physique show and inevitably start feeling worn down and tired. That deeply seeded passion to become better, to strive for excellence, to be the best you can be is the power that is going to enable you to reach places even you didn’t think you could accomplish.

With passion people wont accept social or personally placed limitations, they won’t bow down to challenges, they wont give up, they wont stop dreaming, they wont accept their current situation. Passion is critical to advancement in any area.

The beautiful thing about health and fitness is that your results and your accomplishments are tangible.




They just can’t seem to translate what helps them do really well in one area into another. The passion they acquire for health and fitness becomes that much easier to translate into other parts of one’s life because of its tangibility.

It begins with the same formula. Understanding the why and the what.



Written by

Chris Spadafora of Weliveyounganddreambig

You got to keep going – Motivation

Motivation– You got to keep going

The ultimate truth to success

tumblr_lzzd7j79gq1rnvj7xo1_500Motivation: “The one who succeeded was the one who never gave up”


This quote is one of my favorite quotes of all times. If you analyze that sentence it unlocks the key to success. By going day by day after your dreams and aspirations you will eventually get there. The problem is that majority of people want instant success and turn back or derail. Day by day you keep going forward and eventually you will achieve.


keep going

Motivation Presentation with WSI

I had the privilege to speak to an awesome group of employees. The presentation went well and I am thrilled to have received positive follow up e-mail from employees.

The WSI is a digital marketing agency. WSI aim is to help businesses elevate their online brand reputation, generate more leads through the Internet, tap into new revenue opportunities and take their profit potentials to higher levels.


I spoke to them about being a Top Performer and what it takes to be one. Top performers are all about making IMPACT and OVER-DELIVERING. They put the people around them in uncomfortable situations with the understanding that they want one another to grow. They focus on bringing VALUE to their customers. They are totally in tune with their work and are not into the business of whispering tear-downs of fellow workers in the lunch-room. They totally get that their real CURRENCY is their reputation and that work on building and enhancing that. By doing this the byproduct is always $$$. Look out for my video on TOP PERFORMER coming out this month.


Check out WSI if you want to learn how to take your business brand to that next level of expsosure and profit leads.




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Fight Resistance


I have never heard anyone ever say that they regret doing a workout. So why don’t we do things we wont regret yet fall for things that make us regret? Guys and Gals we need to modify our thoughts so our actions can speak louder. Next time you feel like skipping a workout think about the value you are losing. Always think about what you could be missing out when making a decision. Resistance is an awful energy that floats around doing its best not to make you do positive things that could allow betterment. FIGHT RESISTANCE!

Tristan’s 12 weeksTransformation

Today I’ll b LAUNCHING a new video series – Monday Feb 18th. Its called TRISTAN’s 12week Body Transformation. I will take you guys on this journey as we help a 15year young boy rebuild his self-esteem and losing weight in the next 12weeks. Please join us in his journey and support by sharing the video and inspiring others. #inspiration

You can do it

You can do it! Yes you! Just picture how much better things will be for you when you make it. It will be tough but it will be worth it. Stay relentless and refuse to lose. E-mail me anytime if you ever want to talk