Are you falling short when it comes to your goals? These 4 tips will make you more aware of what could be causing your shortcomings and how to prevent them from happening.

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The A to Z of Heath & Fitness Tips


The A to Z of Heath & Fitness Tips

Brought to you by Pharmafreak and iWontLose.com


Pharmafreak and iWontLose.com came up with this neat idea to share the alphabet words in relation to health and fitness.


A – If you want to be in top notch shape you need to stay active like an athlete. Athletes are in amazing shape because they are continuously being active.


B – Branch chained amino acids (BCAA) are vital protein components that help in muscle repair and performance.


C Calisthenics is a great training approach. Mastering your body weight develops an amazing physical foundation for one’s self.


D – Ensure to chew slowly to maximize digestion. Also look into consuming foods like papaya and pineapple that have amazing digestion support properties.


EExercise every day! It’s a lifestyle and it should be performed every day. Walks, aerobic classes, strength training, sports, etc. are all forms of exercises.


F – Don’t compromise your form to lift heavier. Using strict form and a good tempo will lead to optimal results


G – Control your glycogen (sugar) consumption to avoid fat storage and insulin spikes. Your glycogen consumption plays a vital role in determining how fit you will become.


H – Stick with a eating and training routine that’s doable and will allow you to form a habit. Once you’ve developed a habit you will no longer need motivation


I Insulin is what regulates blood sugar levels. It’s an important hormone and it can be controlled by your eating decisions.


J – Ensure to get a good warm up in order to get blood flowing to your joints which ultimately reduces chances of any injuries. Take care of your joints (wrist, shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle, hip, etc.) and you will have a better chance of living stress-free.


K – Your kidney cleanses your blood by removing waste and excess fluids, maintains the balance of salt and minerals in your blood, and helps regulate blood pressure. Take care of your kidney by eating clean and healthy foods.


L Lower back pain is the leading cause of inactivity. Always strengthen your lower-back using resistance training, endurance activities, and stretching.


M – The health of your mindset (metal health) is as important as your body. Control stress, think positive thoughts, and don’t go into despair.


N NATURAL ingredients, and minimizing chemicals, are key to proper supplementation.


O OXYGEN to working muscles increases endurance and strength. Don’t forget to breathe deeply during exercise.


P PAUSE in-between sets and exercises in the gym. This will allow the body to recover much quicker.


QQUICK exercise repetitions will boost metabolic rate and make it much easier to burn excess body fat.


R REST from exercise is essential for recovery and well-being. Try to take 1-2 days off from the gym each week to allow for proper recovery.


SSPORTS are a great alternative to traditional endurance training. Having sports goals will distract the mind and you may not even realize just how much endurance training you’ve had by the end of the game!


T – Herbal TEAs are a great way to increase water intake and supply the body with beneficial factors to help with detoxification.


U – Time-UNDER-Tension is important because it keeps the muscles activated during all aspects of a given exercise. Try a 3 second contraction and then a 3 second release during all exercises and feel the burn!


VVICTORY is about achieving your specific individual physical goals, and not comparing to the progress of others.


WWATER intake is important as it is the basis of all life systems in the body. Water also keeps the body hydrated and supports detoxification of harmful free radicals.


XX out excess starchy carbohydrates and nutrient deficient meals and watch your body increase in muscle tone and decrease in bodyfat percentage.


YYEARLY health physicals should be performed to ensure that the body is working at its optimal state. These health checks will eliminate any current and/or future health issues, and keeps the body working in, “tip-top”, condition.


ZZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6), are proven to help with hormonal balance and testosterone boosts. These vitamins and minerals will boost recovery and improve results.


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Three Steps For Beginning To Bulk Up

Three Steps For Beginning To Bulk Up

By: Adam Ali aka ADAMwontLOSE



Bulking up is – in so many ways – similar to losing weight, it’s often hard to dive into this conversation without delving into specifics. Even so, in those specifics it is often a hairline’s difference between a story of failure, and that of success. Nonetheless, for the novice in bulking up, three simple steps can set you on the right path to getting bigger, while staying healthy.



Step One: Recognize That Diet Is Critical

Trainers often say: muscle isn’t made in the gym, but in the kitchen. Though how you make your muscle in the kitchen is a complex system of eating enough calories, through the right foods.


Two common errors people make when trying to bulk up are eating too few calories, and eating junk. Simply drinking protein shakes and eating bad food is – and never will – balance well with any workout routine. Even working out six days a week will do nothing for a person trying to bulk up, as your body will be constantly playing a game of catch up with the type and amount of energy it has to burn.


People just beginning should be counting calories for the first few days to begin training themselves to consume enough calories to build healthy muscle mass. Calorie counting need not be a routine practice, only in the initial building process so beginners can have a baseline (of sorts) to then add 500 more calories per day to give their bodies more fuel to work with.


More calories cannot only be consumed through foods, but liquids as well. Whole milk, adding coconut oil, almond butter, and even olive oil are easy and healthful ways to mix into shakes, or even just add to meals.


Though it isn’t just about eating more, but what you are eating more of.


Protein is critical in the muscle-building process. Unfortunately, the amount of protein builders need is often a matter of differing opinion. None of the experts really seem to agree, and different amounts impact different athletes in even different ways. For novice builders, consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight is a good starting point. (Builders that do not know their body fat percentage can adjust to 0.8 grams of protein per pound of total body weight.)


Beyond quality proteins, following the principles of the Paleo diet seems to work best for beginning builders: quality meats, vegetables, minimal glutens and processed carbs; mixed with calorie-rich foods such as whole milk, rice, oats, legumes, lentils, sweet potatoes, nuts, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, and almond butter.


Step Two: Implement a Muscle-Based Work Out Plan


The most important step in building a muscle-based work out plan is to work on building strength. With a stronger body comes more muscle mass.


A lot of body builders suggest breaking the body down into segments and working on them over different days of the week (example: leg day). The PROBLEM with splitting your routine based on body part is that your body doesn’t function like that. Isolation exercises can be a good starting point for the novice beginner but focusing on a full-body compound routine that involves the following movements is ideal for people attempting to build body mass: squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench presses, bent over rows, body rows, dips, push ups, pull ups, and barbell training is very beneficial. Click here for a SMART split routine by Pharmafreak.


How many sets and reps to do can get a little complex. But once builders find themselves adjusting to their new diet and exercise routine, a general guideline of reps with their goals in site is:


1-5 reps (strength and power)

5-8 reps (strength and some size)

8-12 reps (size and some strength)

12+ reps (muscular endurance)

Builders should start at a comfortable weight and add five pounds each week, waiting around 30secs to 1 minute between sets (although really just do the next set when ready); and always focus on stimulating, not completely annihilating, the muscles.


Lastly, there is the dreaded truth about cardio training. Cardio is important for a person’s overall health, though if you are serious about getting bigger and stronger, long-distance and large amounts of cardio training will only hurt you. Try mixing in sprints and interval training instead of traditional long 1hour cardio sessions.



Step Three: Don’t Forget Downtime


Your body needs recovery time to build and rebuild its muscles; just as it needs a chance to process those added calories you are putting into it. Rest and relaxation are just as important as muscle-building workouts and a healthy diet to the process of bulking up.


Making the choice to bulk up and gain healthy muscle-weight may seem daunting. But when it’s broken down into these three steps it seems almost a natural process. A healthy, protein-rich diet; a combination workout routine with focus on building strength; and an adequate amount of sleep and relaxation is sure to help you bulk up, in a big way.

GoodFit Battles – Full length Video

Watch the GoodFit Battles – FULL LENGTH Video

Fuelled by Pharmafreak

Awesome event that took place on Mar 29th in Toronto.

A community event designed to get youth to participate in active living through fitness training.
The battle will showcase a number of competitors individually going through various exercises attempting to get the best TIME. The competitor with the best time gets CROWNED. Yes a real crown!
The event will take place once a month and the champion must defend his crown every month.