GoodFit Battles – Full length Video

Watch the GoodFit Battles – FULL LENGTH Video

Fuelled by Pharmafreak

Awesome event that took place on Mar 29th in Toronto.

A community event designed to get youth to participate in active living through fitness training.
The battle will showcase a number of competitors individually going through various exercises attempting to get the best TIME. The competitor with the best time gets CROWNED. Yes a real crown!
The event will take place once a month and the champion must defend his crown every month.

Vita Freak Multivitamin Supplement – An Honest Review

As a Pharmafreak athlete I of course take a few of their products that meet my fitness and lifestyle needs. One of my staple supplements is the VITA FREAK Multi vitamin. Now let me tell you that this supplement actually is beneficial. While on my week climb on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania getting high-quality nutrition while on an
extended climb can be very challenging. VITA FREAK packs are an easy and
convenient supplement that one can pack and use while climbing/traveling.
VITA FREAK is designed to support every major system (immune, digestive,
cognitive, cardiovascular, etc). The VITA FREAK formula supports your
nutrition program by providing your body with the highest-quality vitamins,
minerals and mircro-nutrients. This is not only important during the climb
but also leading up to the climb (ensuring your body is in optimal health so
you can perform at your best).

No vitamins ever had an effect where I could actually feel a noticeable effect. I highly recommend this product – NO BULLSHIT!

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