Succeed Even After Failing

To some people, failure can quite literally be the end of the world. They try to lead their lives as close to ‘perfection’ as possible and if something goes wrong, they have failed and they struggle to get over it. To them, it proves that they are human and that things can go wrong but this is something that they don’t like or enjoy.


If you are reading this so far whilst nodding along, you have to realise that this isn’t a healthy way to live. You have to realise that there are certain things in life that you simply cannot control and so things will go wrong from time to time. However, this doesn’t mean that you have some sort of problem that you have to fix. The most important thing about failure is how you deal with it; of course, the easiest thing to do is let it get you down and dwell on how badly you have failed. Although this is the easier method, it definitely isn’t the best one.


The best way to deal with failure is to use it as an opportunity to learn; it gives you a chance to learn what you can do to improve so that you can do better the next time. Let’s say you have an interview for your dream job and you fail to get offered the role; you could be down and think ‘it’s all over’ OR you can find out where you went wrong and learn how to improve so you ensure you get the job next time. It is important to find out why you failed; in our example, did you fail because you failed to do enough research on the company? Was it because your resume wasn’t up to scratch? Whatever the reason for your failure, you can then treat it as a stepping stone towards growth to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


This is what’s known as ‘The Art of Failure’; knowing how to deal with failure is seen as an art because it can sometimes teach you more than success. If you want to succeed in life, you have to harness this power because you will be sure to hit some bumps along the way. If you find yourself failing often, see if there is a common denominator for your failure and find out how to fix it. Maybe it is your mindset; do you need to be more confident?


As soon as you realise that failure can help you to learn and that you have the power to do so, overcoming a problem suddenly isn’t as hard as it seems. Once you breakdown exactly why you failed and work out solutions to this problem, your personal development will improve dramatically as not all people have this skill; you will suddenly set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. Treat life like a journey and make sure that you take the hard times alongside the good times; if you ever fail at something, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, find out why you failed and improve in that area so you can continue on the road to success.

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No Self-Motivation = No Success

By: Kerry Creaswood

A lot of very smart people end up as failures – failures in life, in work, and in relationships. A lot of very smart people are given plenty of opportunities for success and never take advantage of them. A lot of very smart people are born into privilege and yet turn into failures. And a lot of very smart people accumulate degrees and skills and still fail to achieve what we think they would. And what is the common factor in all of these failures? It’s lack of self-motivation.

All of the intelligence and all of the opportunity and all of the book learning is simply for naught if there is no motivation to do anything with them. Here are 10 reasons why self-motivation is the only path to success.

1. Without Self-Motivation, Goals are Not SetSuccessful people set goals and then go after them. Those goals come from within, based upon that person’s passions. If goals are set at all, the non-self-motivated person sets only small temporary ones. Such goals may be to get a job that will pay the bills or to save enough money to take a vacation with a friend. They are small and short-term.

2. Without Self-Motivation, Plans are Not Made

Even if the unmotivated person is able to set a long-term goal, s/he then fails to develop a plan to achieve that goal. The goal just becomes a dream for “someday.” The self-motivated person develops a very specific plan of action, constantly reviews that plan of action, makes modifications when necessary, and stays on that path.

3. Without Self-Motivation, There is No Risk-Taking

Successful people do take risks. In fact, they are driven to take risks, because they know they will stagnate otherwise. Unmotivated people find excuses not to take risks, and those excuses become justification for their stagnation. It’s not the right time; others have tried that and failed; my friends say it’s a stupid idea; my family won’t support me.

4. Without Self-Motivation, There is No Optimism

Optimism is that belief that the future holds promise. It provides energy and enthusiasm. Self-motivated people re optimistic about their futures. Unmotivated people have fear and insecurity about the future. They are therefore willing to stay in their comfort zones where they are safe and don’t have to fear an uncertain future.

5. Without Self-Motivation, There is Blaming Others

The self-motivated person knows that he alone is responsible for his successes and failures. When he meets failure, he is able to reflect on it, identify what he did wrong, and change his behaviors and circumstances so that success is ultimately achieved. The unmotivated person blames others and never has to look within to see what should be changed.

6. Without Self-Motivation, There is No Follow Through

The self-motivated person, once he sets his path toward success, stops talking and starts doing. He is the list-maker who gets up each day with actions in mind. The unmotivated individual develops his path perhaps, but then spins his wheels talking about what he intends to do. No action follows all of that talk.

7. Without Self-Motivation, There is No Self-Confidence

Because the self-motivated has taken action and has met with some successes, no matter how small, he has developed the self-confidence to keep moving forward and take on new and greater challenges. The unmotivated person has not taken action and, therefore, cannot muster up any self-confidence to take on a challenge.

8. Without Self-Motivation, There is no Passion

Passion comes from a deep desire and a love for what one is undertaking and pursuing. Self-motivated people are able to feel passion and that keeps them going through any rough patches, even big ones. The unmotivated individual shuts down as soon as a rough patch is hit, because he doesn’t have that inner passion that will push him through it.

9. Without Self-Motivation, There is no Focus

Unmotivated people are easily distracted. They may begin a project and leave it half-finished. They do the same thing in life. They set a goal, being planning and acting, and then get side-tracked by other events and circumstance. The self-motivated individual never takes his “eye off the ball,” resists distractions, and move forward.

10. Without Self-Motivation, There are Missed Opportunities

Because the self-motivated individual has a passion for what he is doing and the goals he has set, he speaks to them whenever he has the chance, even to strangers. He finds opportunities to connect with other like-minded people; he surrounds himself with other self-motivated individuals. All of this relationship building brings opportunities for partnerships, for funding, for all sorts of support. The unmotivated person doesn’t seek these connections and misses opportunities.

Passion, drive, planning, focus, and steady action – these are the hallmarks of a self-motivated individual. And these are the very things that every successful person will tell us are the keys to success. All of them have their origin and their lives within that larger realm – self-motivation.

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3 Self Changes for a Successful 2016

3 Self Chages for a Successful 2016

Do you ever feel like things are holding you back? Holding you back from where you want to be, where you need to be or potentially how you need to grow? There are so many things that we do in life that we potentially forget what we need to remove from our lives to finally grow and just win. The year of 2016 is all bout evolving and excelling growth. Chasing our dreams/goals this year is crucial even if it means removing things from our life that will hold us back from reaching any of it. There are 3 things we can remove from our lives in order to win and gain success, are you ready to give these up in 2016?

3 Self Changes for a Successful 2016

1.Procrastination has to be one of the biggest things a lot of us tend to struggle with. We have all these ideas but don’t ever take the time to write them down but most importantly get started on what you want to become in the future. The longer you wait, the longer it’ll take. Make sure you take some time out of your day even if it’s a quarter of the day, to start your craft and do what you love! Nothing is more irritating than having all these ideas, knowing you could be successful but not starting at all.

2. Negative Energy has to be the second thing on our list to remove in order to win. When we’re around negativity all the time, that doesn’t help us get closer to our craft, but farther. We need to realized a point in our life where we understand that things are not worth losing your dreams and goals and that being around negative energy all the time won’t persuade us to get where we need to be. We need to reach new heights in surrounding ourselves around positivity as hard it could be in a world full of negativity. This will be one of the ways to get going on your craft and WIN.

3. Fear is another factor that stops us from getting where we need to be. We’re so focused on thinking we’re not going to make it that we forget to realize that saying things like we’re not going to make it, then we won’t. If we say things like we are going to make it then we will, it all comes with perseverance and dedication. So many dreams are pushed under the rug because people are too scared to chase what they want because they may fail, but understand that failing comes with success and being greater. You must fail in order to experience the wave of doing good and learning to better yourself in terms of WINNING.

These are ways that can help you win, help you grow, help you stay motivated and rejuvenated for the year of 2016 but not only that, for your life. We need to stop letting things stop us from getting where we need to be and dedicate ourselves to more positive things within the future removing things that stop us from the process. Do you want to win? Or is staying at the same level something you’re okay with for the years to come. We hope you decide to win this year!

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These 3 questions will make you successful if you can answer them honestly to yourself. Thanks for watching and make sure subscribe.

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Prepare for Battle

As that popular saying goes, “Practice makes it perfect”. When we are out there seeking prosperity we have to be prepared for all kinds of scenarios, specially the tough ones, and learn from them to make the next moves better and flawless. There are many ways people can avoid a situation in which they are facing the aftermath of arbitrary or inefficient decisions, but sometimes even the most well planned moves are not fail-proof and you have to deal with the failure. And succeeding on coming out from such situation is basically what separates a a go-getter from the average Joe and Jane.

The Damage Is Already Done

No one said said life would be all good news and gains. Life is a steady state it constantly shifting from water to wine and vice versa out of the blue, you have to be much more prepared and tuned to what is going on around the world to foresee any disasters before it reaches shore.
When strategies do not work and lead to failure, often you have forgotten some detail or scenario that was a main pillar in the foundations of your plan. Failure is quite different from a mistake or vulnerability, it is a situation that requires a whole new brainstorming and planning to repair damages. So it was not a slippery move or a slight distraction, but a lack of expertise and perhaps, lack of mastery on what you are doing.
Disasters are there however to pull the best and the worst from people. You can either decide to deal with it showing your most vulnerable and irrational nature or the most determined and humble approach to realize what your potential is. Crying and freaking out won’t help at all, the damage is done and the best you can do is a forensic evaluation of each part of the resulting wreckage of this situation.
Failure scenarios are really good to enforce a positive spirit and realize what you must improve and what needs to be done to ease the situation. Likewise, tough times always make your skin thicker and with every crisis comes a more centered and rational gaze upon the next problem.

Things Can’t Get Worse

Actually, things can get worse if you decide to give up and freak out. On the other hand, nothing will be even worse when you recognize the problem and works hard to fix the failure, it is simple logic, you are in a bad situation and you are doing something to fix it. You will soon or later repair the damage and will also end up learning a lot of lessons, becoming a better and more experienced professional. And once you face a critical problem and solve it, you will most likely never face that ever again.

You can see crisis situations as an opportunity to transform your life in a fortress. Every time you handle big adversities, new resources and enforcements will integrate into your life to avoid new damages in the future. Through the years, you will be resilient and will be prepared for everything.
“if you pay heed you may learn a lesson from both good and bad”.

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Thoughtful Tuesday #19: 5 Things Successful People Won’t Do

5 Things Successful People Won’t Do
In today’s Thoughtful Tuesday ADAMwontLOSE discusses 5 things successful people won’t do.

1. They don’t sweat the small stuff
2. Don’t waste their time of their weaknesses
3. They don’t hesitate
4. They won’t budge
5. They won’t give up

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5 Ways to Live to Your Fullest Potential


1. Embracing Your Imagination

In order to attain your goals you have to first imagine attaining it and living it. Living in wonder allows you to create a positive environment in your mindset where the thought of reaching your goals is possible. Embracing your imagination gives yourself permission to go out there to achieve your goals. Live your thoughts into existence!


2. Be Laser Focused

Being “laser” focused creates urgency within oneself to bring something into fruition, sooner, rather than later – and the idea of not doing it, or putting it off, becomes unthinkable. When something becomes such a huge part of you, it becomes very hard to detach from it because it literally gets ingrained in the networks in your brain. When you start to bring a dream alive, it becomes such a massive part of you that the fear of not making it happen grows and spreads, ramped around your mind quite effortlessly. The more you can intentionally create and be conscious of things that move you to action, the better equipped you’ll be to create the results you’re committed to.


3.) Stay Consistent

“Everyone claims they work hard but not everyone is consistent”.

Being consistent is all about sticking with a plan even though the results are not appearing immediately. Being consistent requires mental toughness and sometimes involves making sacrifices which  is never easy, but the more positively consistent you become, the easier sacrifices will get. The ones who never gave up are the ones who succeeded.


4.) Build Up Will Power

The idea of will power might be better understood by imaging a rainbow after a storm. Let’s face it, the majority of our experiences in life are not easy, especially when it comes to being successful. The struggles we are faced with during our ascend to the top can really test our determination. We may also be challenged by our own demons, which can include lack of focus or lack of long term thinking. You must earn your will power by having a strong sense of self discipline that can only get better over time. In this life, we are given the power of choice and the choices we make dictate our future, which is why will power is such an important trait to possess.


5.) Obtain Your Absolute Best in Health and Fitness

Your health is your #1 Investment and asset. Do your absolute best to ensure peak performance of your health, fitness, and wellness. You’re going to spend a whole lot of time in your body might as well make it a comfortable home. Here are some quick tips for optimal health performance:

– Exercise at least 5x/week for minimum 30mins.

– Eat a balanced diet that consist protein, fats, and minimal carbs.

– Aim for 7-9 hrs of sleep everyday

– Manage your stress levels by looking at the brighter side of any situation.

– Laugh as much as possible – everyday!


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Thoughtful Tuesday #19: 5 Goals You Should Have

5 Goals You Should Have

1. Peace of Mind
2. Balance
3. Time management
4. Controbute
5. Be the best version of you

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5 Traits of the Successful

5 Traits of the Successful

Hand finger

According to me, ADAMwontLOSE, I feel these are 5 key traits that lead to success. There might be many more other characteristics but I feel whether you are seeking business, academic, relationship, self-development success you will need the 5 following traits to succeed.

  1. Courageous

Courage, something all people must have. Courage is that ability to take leap of faith against your fears. It’s the ability to confront danger, pain and agony. This is an attribute that can be found in top performing athletes and many successful people. These people are motivated towards their goal in life and have no fear of loss. This courage makes a person want to live without having the concerns of falling back. Athletes can climb dangerous mountains, businessmen can can take risky investments all because they are courageous.

  1. Laser-focused

Having the knowledge of what your heart desires and then having the determination to reach that desire is called being laser focused about it. People with a strong heart and intellectual understanding of the world can have this vision. The people in the profession of sports or something that includes facing agonizing circumstances to reach that one required goal have this focus. You can see the laser-focusness in athletes when competiting at an exceptional high level. Being focused is just not enough you have to be LASER FOCUSED.

  1. Works hard

Hard work has always been the key to success. All athletes strive and work on their body as well as daily routine to reach an optimal lifestyle in accordance with their profession. Working hard is not an easy task and therefore can only be accomplished by the people who have a burning desire to succeed in their minds and hearts.

  1. Team player

No man is an island. You certainly need to have what I like to call ‘people-skills’ in order to get a head and achieve success. You’re day to day interactions with others determines your progress. You’re going to need to talk, collaborate, partner, and just talk to the right people in order to get to your destination. Do not waste anothter minute thinking you will make it all alone. Start being a team player – today!

  1. Problem solver

Ever encountered problems that you left hanging despite their answers present? This is not the habit of a motivated person! Every person who has the determination and motivation to live on to his dreams and grasp that once in a life time chance is a problem solver. Every athlete has the ability to solve his problems and lacking in the field to outrun the opponents.


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infographic: results

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