5 Things To Do To Live A Life True To You

Thoughtful Tuesday #15 – 5 Things to do to live a life true to you

5 Things to do to live a life true to you

1. You do not care what others think about you

“what others think of me is none of my business

2. You do not waste time

You are too focused working on yourself you do not have time to waste on frivolous matters

3. You dream big

Uou give yourself to dream big and live in wonder

4. You don’t sweat the small stuff

You don’t let little things get to you. You’re a problem solver!

You don’t sweat the small things and you realize its all small stuff

as long as their is breathe that’s grand!

5. You make big decisions and not afraid of it

You show up when it matters by being courageous

You don’t hide from life changing opportunities or shy away

and into your comfort hole

5 Reasons Why You’re A failure

Thoughtful Tuesday #14 – 5 Reasons why you’re a failure


5 Reasons why you’re a failure

1. You just kinda want it

2. You listen to too much people

3. You’re scared to ask for help

4. You have no game plan

5. You don’t make a comeback

I hope you make immediate changes to position yourself to be a success ­čÖé Contact me for any help. I’m here rooting for you ­čÖé

5 Things You Should Do When You Want To Give Up

Thoughtful Tuesday #13
5 Things You Should Do When You Want To Give Up


1. Remember WHY you started
– Take a moment to reflect back to why you even started in the first place


2. Visualize accomplishing your goals and what it looks like and feels
– Go into what i call the MIND GYM to look at what the future now looks like since you’ve accomplished your goals


3. Think about who else is affected by your decision of giving up
– Who will gain or lose from this decision that you are about to make? It’s not all about you! It could be about your family, friends who believed in you, and the ones who are watching you.


4. Seek motivation
– Express your feelings by talking to someone!
– Look at motivational content.
– Take a break and get re-inspired!


5. Look at your game-plan and how you got here
Count the small wins that lead you to here



Thoughtful Tuesday #13: 4 Things That Are Making you Average

Thoughtful Tuesday #13: 4 Things That Are Making you Average

There are many things that are contributing to you being an Average Joe or Jane. Today we share 4 prevalent ones we think you should adjust ASAP

1. Not distinguishing between BEING BUSY vs BEING PRODUCTIVE

2. Wasting time GOSSIPING

3. You are addicted to COMPLAINING

4. You’re WAITING

Let’s make a full effort TODAY to adjust these actions so we can live a life of impact and awesomeness.

5 Habits Holding You Back From Success´╗┐

5 Habits Holding you back from Success

Thoughtful Tuesday #11: 5 Habits Holding you back from Success

Today we discuss 5 habits that are holding you back from success

1. Doing things for recognition (WANTING APPROVAL)

2. Waiting for the right moment to start

3. Telling yourself the same old lousy story why you CANT

4. Continuing to be apart of an awful surrounding with low ambition (b/c you want to keep it real)

5. Saying YES to everything


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Are you Bored? Watch this video.

Thoughtful Tuesday – Are You Bored?

Thoughtful Tuesday – Are You Bored?
Are you living a fulfilled life or a living a boring life?
Today’s video we share some insight on how to escape BOREDOM!

As Wayne Dyer wrote, “Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.”

Boredom means the mind doesn’t have enough to keep it occupied. That’s a dangerous situation for the mind because that’s the setting the devil conducts his work.

Get out of boredom by implementing the tips in this video.

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Thoughtful Tuesday #8: How to Be a Problem Solver

Thoughtful Tuesday #8: How to Be a Problem Solver


Your ability to achieve the things you desire in life is directly proportionate to how well you solve problems for others. Problem solving is one of the most highly valued characteristics you can have as a human being Hone this skill and you reap the benefits of saving time, making impact, generating funds, and executing big ideas. in today’s video ADAMwontLOSE (Adam Ali) shares how to shift your mindset to a more positive way of thinking that allows you to solve problems more effectively.

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Thoughtful Tuesday – New Year Edition

Thoughtful Tuesday – New Year Edition


Thoughtful Tuesday┬á – New Year Edition
In today’s Thoughtful Tuesday we discuss about setting up yourself for a successful 2014.

Healthy eating Guidelines
1. drink 8 glasses of water minimum per day
2. incorporate omega 3 into your diet
3. Consume more proteins than carbs (unless you have kidney disorders)
4. Eat green leafy vegetables as much as possible
5. Stay away from processed foods
6. Eat real foods as much as possible
7. Avoid sugary foods and drinks as much as possible
8. Don’t reward yourself with food you are not a DOG.