Working in Silence is always best especially when you’re trying to get to where you need to be. When you work quietly and say nothing about what’s intended to happen next, people wonder and stick around for the anticipation. You never want to give too much of what you’re doing as doing so only leads to people congratulating you even before you have done the REAL WORK.. When opportunities are given to you, keep them to yourself until they’ve been executed. It’s always a good thing for others to know what you’re doing but just because you don’t post about it right away like everyone else doesn’t mean you’re not doing as much as they’re doing, you’re just smart about your decisions.

Working in silence can be one of the best decisions you could ever make just because it makes people wonder about what you’re up to a lot more rather then just letting them know every single move! Keep it to yourself and let others enjoy the ride of anticipation while you surprise them every so often. There’s nothing better than getting ready to launch all of your ideas and no one had a clue what you were up to, people will think you’re not doing anything but in reality have tricks up your sleeve about the next greatest move.

Always work hard in silence and let your success make all the noise.

5 Reasons You Should Start Working Out, Right Now

5 Reasons You Should Start Working Out, Right Now!

Here are 5 rare affects of working out.


We’ve all been there: the workout slump. Discouraged by long lines for machines, fellow gym-goers who do not share the treadmills, and a growing difficulty even finding the time to work out due to our busy schedule, our stress builds and we lose sight of all the benefits of working out.

Beyond just the general better level of overall healthiness, and intended work out results (example: attractive physiques), there are five, great reasons you should start (or resume) working out, and right now!


#1: Improved Self-Confidence


Regardless of weight, size, condition, or age, exercise of any kind has been proven over and over again to improve a person’s self-perception.


Not only do the chemicals released during exercise work to help boost these feel-goods we get about ourselves, the simple fact that we are doing something we know – instinctively – is good for our bodies helps put our self-view into a more positive light.


#2: Boosted Brain Power


Those same chemicals that produce good feelings about our self-image during and after a workout have been found to boost brain power as well.


Brain performance after any type of aerobic exercise is at an all-time high. Be it decision making, higher thinking, learning, or just a clearer frame of mind to work with, this benefit of working out has been helping people in their day-to-day lives for centuries.


#3: Increased Relaxation


This third reason to work out is a little tricky, but still a benefit for all who exercise.


For some, exercise is the equivalent of taking a sleeping pill – as the body’s core temperature cools down in the five-to-six hours after a workout, the brain thinks it’s time to sleep.


For others, a workout serves as a pick-me-up in the immediate hours after, though the increased relaxation and reduction of stress is still a benefit as movement and exertion of any kind of energy during a given day promotes restfulness and a healthy release of stress-reducing (i.e. sleep-inducing) endorphins.


The trick is to find which camp you fall in and settle into a routine that makes working out help you with getting a good night sleep.


#4: Added Inspiration


While it may be tough to fit in a workout amidst a busy lifestyle and work schedule, blowing off even a short lunchtime walk may unexpectedly be hindering your level of career-related inspiration.


Beyond just the feeling as though you’ve cleared your head of cubicle hubbub, studies show that midday exercise works to reset the circadian rhythm – which promotes healthful rest and relaxation later in the day, adding to the amount of daytime inspiration a person has.


#5 Socialization

It sounds cheesy, but working out has the undeniable ability to connect people. It could be at the gym through spotting at the free weights, going for a run with a friend, or even joining a league like soccer or softball. The social interaction a person gets through having a lifestyle that prioritizes exercise is greater and more positive of an experience than one that prefers to stay at home as a loner, couch potato.

 Not only does working out promote socialization, making socialization a priority in working out has proven to end more successfully. In other words: that workout buddy of yours inspires you to keep going.

No doubt there are more than just these five, great reasons to work out – reasons that show the undeniable benefits of having a healthful and active lifestyle. Now what are you waiting for?