The GoodFit Battles 5

Roadtothecrown5-finalHD (Medium)Join us in the next GOODFIT BATTLES.

Body Pump Inc

9 St Nicholas St

Toronto ON

Event takes place on Nov 23rd 2013 – 3:00pm start.

There is 3 divisions

Youth [17 and under]

Men [21 years+]

Women [21 years+]

Please join us as a spectator. If you would like to join contact



Youth Presentation


I had the opportunity to speak to some youth in the month of June on their weekend getaway from the inner city. HNIC (Helping Neighborhoods Implement Change) hosted this awesome initiative.

I discussed issues around:-

1. Selecting the right people in your circle

2. Being courageous

3. Staying Laser Focused

4. Working Hard for what you believe in

5. Facing adversity and trusting your struggle.

It was great connecting with these kids because it felt like yesterday I was in their shoes. If you run a youth foundation or group and want me to come by and speak to your youth connect with me.