Weight Loss Principles

The Best 5 Weight Loss Principles

Weight loss is essential for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a boxer, a nursing mother or just about any person; you need to lose weight in other to get fit, look shredded, and get fit.

Although weight loss may seem a bit simple on paper, there is more to it than meets the eye. When it comes to weight loss plans, over time, people often start on the right course and eventually lose some weight. But before you know it, they add up an extra bit of fat without realizing it.

Again, although losing weight is not easy, it can be very easy if you know what to do. Many people go into their weight loss program without first mapping out what they want to do. As time goes on, because they have no structured plan or principle to guide them, they end up gaining rather than losing weight.

For anyone who needs to lose weight to get fit, look shredded or ripped, the following principles would be of tremendous help.

  • Don’t forget your calorie deficit

A calorie deficit is key to weight loss. Whey you consume fewer calories than you burn daily, you are bound to lose weight. You can keep track of your calorie intake by being conscious of what you eat daily.

  • Sustain your calorie deficit

Although calorie deficit is the key to weight loss, it will only be effective when it is sustained for a lengthy period of time. People usually find it difficult to stick to a calorie deficit for long. The reason for this is that most folks make their plans a bit extreme, and thus reducing their food consumption to the small numbers. Although this will lead to a calorie deficit, it is unsustainable and can lead to very low energy levels.

It is essential that your weight loss plan is sustainable and easy to follow. The key is to make your plan enjoyable. One rule of thumb you should always remember is that, as long as there is a calorie deficit, you have a bit of freedom to eat what you want. You don’t need to go extreme before you get fit, you can make it enjoyable and still achieve your goals.

Veggies and fruits are essential

Make sure the bulk of your diet consists of veggies and fruits. The rule of thumb is that you need to consume a minimum of 5 different fruits and veggies daily.

Veggies and fruits contain an insane amount of nutrients, and these nutrients play a key role in replenishing your energy. The more energy you have, the more your hunger and appetite will be suppressed.

Get enough sleep

We can’t stress the importance of sleep in your fitness goals. If you want your body to conform to your needs and become shredded or ripped, then you need to sleep in abundance and quality. It is essential that you sleep at least a minimum of 7 hours every night. Sleep plays a key role in weight loss, and the lack of it will be detrimental to your overall plans. To get fit and maintain good energy levels,  you need enough sleep


Get In More Protein

Protein is essential to your recovery as well as controlling your hunger levels. Good sources of protein include meat, dairy products, fish, and poultry. Ensure you eat 1.8-2grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.



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