Trust Your Struggle

Trust Your Struggle

Struggling isn’t usually an activity anyone wants to embrace. For most having to struggle against anything is an action they wish to avoid, but in the video Trust Your Struggle Adam Ali offers a different perceptive on what struggle is, and how reaching a goal is more about self-determination than a fight against the odds, fate, or any other person.


In the video the athlete sees his name scratched out and apparently cut from the team. This is a moment of self-determination when one can see such a list from one of two very different perspectives. A person can see this to mean they are not as good as the others, or that others have accomplished something this individual has yet to master. This is a point where the individual must embrace hard work not to change this list, but to adapt, change, and accomplish more.

A name higher on a list doesn’t make someone actually better than those below on the list, it simply means he or she is at this point in time able to accomplish more than those who are still struggling. Understanding this difference, offers anyone the ability to trust in the struggle to accomplish more from his or her own efforts.

The journey to accomplishment is usually difficult. Discouragement comes from believing what one is limited to now is unchangeable, rather than considering hard work is part of the journey to accomplishing your goals. In the Trust Your Struggle video the viewer sees the young athletes journey. His determination is to work harder for his dream alone outside a team, and it is easier to understand motivation comes from the need to perform at one’s own optimum rather in competition with anyone else.

Adam Ali lets his listeners know the internal thoughts of this runner. We know he’s determined not to give up. As his speed picks up he’s moved on the list to the number one spot, but we’ve seen his journey and we know the path he took from the bottom to the top. This journey was determined when the runner believed the phrase “trust your own struggle.” The struggle was not moving from the bottom to the top, but not to give up on a dream.

 Staying on when the urge to give up occurs is difficult, but the ability to overcome challenges, and defy obstacles is always worth the effort. ~ Trust Your Struggle


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